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Motivate Yourself – Use the 'Fear Factor'

Motivate Yourself – Use the 'Fear Factor'

Motivate Yourself – Use the 'Fear Factor'

I’ve been wandering around the internet for the past couple of hours looking at various motivational websites – quite a few of which were quite uninspiring (surely if you want to motivate people the design of your site itself should be motivating – or is that just me?!) when I came across a rather interesting quote:

Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You.

Elenor Roosevelt

This got me thinking a bit (note to self: must really stop doing that cheeky tongue).

So what’s scaring yourself silly got to do with motivation?

For a start, we fear change. We’re happy with the way things are because they’re comfortable and a known quantity. We know what is expected of us in the various circles we keep and we know where our limitations are. Because of this, can anyone really say that they are motivated?

Bring fear into it and people can do all sorts of things, a mother can lift a car off of their trapped son, the company’s threatening layoffs so we all work harder. Motivation through fear takes many forms.

Harness your fear – make it work for you

  • You’re frightened of being laid off? Harness the fear and learn a new skill
  • Frightened the “youngsters” in your office are going to overtake you? Use that fear to let your boss know how experience is better than youth
  • Frightened you’re getting too old? Go bungee jumping or skydiving!

Okay, that last one is a bit extreme but you get the picture!

As we saw in my last post on re-engaging people, change brings all sorts of benefits not only to you but those around you.

Make your fear work for you, don’t work for your fear.

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    “I’m sure the lifting the car thing is an urban legend, and I’m also sure it originally came from the Bill Bixby Hulk TV series lol.
    But still a good post. I just need to let my fear hep me do things other than sticking my head in the ground.”


    “I thought the Car lifting thing was a myth as well, but there was something reported about a father lifting a car off his son after he’d “”accidentally”” reversed over him. It was in the Daily Express; unfortunately the don’t allow you to do a site search though…

    Does seem to have shades of “”The Incredible Hulk”” about it though *lol*”


    “””surely if you want to motivate people the design of your site itself should be motivating…””

    So, what makes for motivating design?”


    “Good question Robert, and one I feel that requires a post to address it…”

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