Most popular things of 2006

Most popular things of 2006

The following are a list of the most popular popular things this year (according to the limited stats I have at the moment) 😉

Most Popular posts:

Popular Google Search Terms (sensible)

  • Writing Meeting Minutes
  • Outlook Custom Dashboard
  • Making your blog search engine friendly
  • Recover permanently deleted items
  • organise DVDs
  • GTD Thunderbird
  • procrastination wallpaper
  • pocket informant gtd

Popular Google Search Terms (silly)

  • Nekkid Porn (don’t ask!)
  • program coding for eye gazing with respect to virtual environment (No, I don’t know either)
  • sandro beier (Did someone say beer??)
  • DLT’s custom writing paper (I didn’t know Dave Lee Travis had writing paper)

Most popular images accessed from Google Image Search:

Crazy Frog must die!
Crazy Frog must die!

Rain Desktop (Click for larger view)


Most popular browsers:

  • Firefox (23.91%)
  • Feedburner (not really a browser now, is it?)
  • Internet Explorer 6.x (11.79%)
  • Internet Explorer 7.x (7.45%)
  • Safari (1.82%)
  • Internet Explorer 5.x (1.06%)

T’Internet Explorer 5??? Upgrade for godness sake, I expect you’re solely resposible for all of the spam emails on the planet 😉

Most Popular Operating Systems:

  • Others (51.8%)
  • Windows XP     (35.59%)
  • Windows 2000 (4.85%)
  • Mac OS     (3.03%)
  • Linux (1.82%)
  • Windows Vista (0.61%)

What “Others” is I haven’t a clue. Mobile Phones perhaps?

Most Popular Referrers (in no particular order so no-one gets a big head)

Most popular downloads:

  • Shopping List (pdf)
  • Next Action Organiser (pdf)
  • Shopping List (excel – zipped)
  • Shopping List (Open Office – zipped)
  • Website Workflow (pdf)
  • Meeting Mate (pdf)
  • Weekly Planner

(please see the Resource Area for the download links)

And finally…. My most popular posts of the year

These are the posts that I personally like, and as it’s my blog I can put whatever I want so cheeky tongue

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