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Most Popular Things Of 2006

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Most Popular Things Of 2006

The following are a list of the most popular popular things this year (according to the limited stats I have at the moment) 😉

Most Popular posts

Popular Google Search Terms (sensible)

  • Writing Meeting Minutes
  • Outlook Custom Dashboard
  • Making your blog search engine friendly
  • Recover permanently deleted items
  • organise DVDs
  • GTD Thunderbird
  • procrastination wallpaper
  • pocket informant gtd

Popular Google Search Terms (silly)

  • Nekkid Porn (don’t ask!)
  • program coding for eye gazing with respect to virtual environment (No, I don’t know either)
  • sandro beier (Did someone say beer??)
  • DLT’s custom writing paper (I didn’t know Dave Lee Travis had writing paper)

Most popular images accessed from Google Image Search

Crazy Frog must die!

Rain Desktop (Click for larger view)


Most popular browsers

  • Firefox (23.91%)
  • Feedburner (not really a browser now, is it?)
  • Internet Explorer 6.x (11.79%)
  • Internet Explorer 7.x (7.45%)
  • Safari (1.82%)
  • Internet Explorer 5.x (1.06%)

T’Internet Explorer 5??? Upgrade for godness sake, I expect you’re solely resposible for all of the spam emails on the planet 😉

Most Popular Operating Systems

  • Others (51.8%)
  • Windows XP     (35.59%)
  • Windows 2000 (4.85%)
  • Mac OS     (3.03%)
  • Linux (1.82%)
  • Windows Vista (0.61%)

What “Others” is I haven’t a clue. Mobile Phones perhaps?

Most Popular Referrers (in no particular order so no-one gets a big head)

Most popular downloads

  • Shopping List (pdf)
  • Next Action Organiser (pdf)
  • Shopping List (excel – zipped)
  • Shopping List (Open Office – zipped)
  • Website Workflow (pdf)
  • Meeting Mate (pdf)
  • Weekly Planner

(please see the Resource Area for the download links)

And finally…. My most popular posts of the year

These are the posts that I personally like, and as it’s my blog I can put whatever I want so cheeky tongue

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