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Mandarin Lessons In Singapore

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Mandarin Lessons In Singapore

With the rise of China’s influence across Asia, it has never been more important to learn Mandarin. Both Singapore and Malaysia have seen a rise in their citizens studying Mandarin. Malaysia has required students to take Mandarin courses if they want to major in certain fields, and many schools even offer Mandarin as a second language option.


The problem with learning Mandarin is that it is not an easy language to acquire compared to other languages like French or Spanish, where you can pick up most words just by observing closely. Mandarin is very different with its tones, characters, and the sheer number of homophones present within the language’s vocabulary.

One of the reasons why Chinese children seem so much smarter than Westerners when learning new languages is because they learn characters instead of alphabets. When learning how to write, they learn each character’s meaning and its writing components and memorize them both at once when forming words.

So to acquire Mandarin fluently, you must be able to conceptualize Chinese characters into sentences with meaning. This will take time and effort, but there are some techniques that you can use to help you become fluent in Mandarin faster than your friends.

1. Find A Study Partner Who Is Also Learning Mandarin At The Same

Learning Mandarin with other people is much more fun than learning it alone. You will not only have someone to help you push through the tough times that learning Mandarin comes with, but you can also learn from each other’s mistakes and successes.

2. Make Sure You Have A Goal

You will never successfully master a subject if your goal is “to learn Mandarin.” There needs to be a quantifiable target that can measure the progress that you are trying to reach.

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3. Set Small Daily Goals For Yourself

It’s easy to be motivated initially when starting something new, but as time goes on, motivation dwindles, and there starts to be less effort put into your work. This is where setting small daily goals for yourself comes in.

4. Set A Schedule

If you want to learn Mandarin, it’s best to set a time and decide what days and hours you will be studying outside of class. This eliminates all unnecessary stress and makes sure that there is no time wasted.

5. Memorize Vocabulary Using Flashcards

Flashcards are one of the best ways for you to memorize new words. Once you sign up for a class at, be sure not only to use Mandarin-English flashcards but also to have Chinese characters on them so that you can recognize their meanings when reading them by themselves.

6. Don’t Fall Behind Your Classmates Who Are Native Speakers

The key to mastering Mandarin faster than your friends is avoiding early mistakes that you would regret not fixing later. It’s best to learn how to write all of the characters and tones before you begin studying the language if no teacher present can correct your mistakes.

7. Keep Track Of All The Different Words That Sound Similar

Many Chinese words may sound very similar but have different meanings like “yin” (negative energy), “yin” (moon), and “yin” (to enter). When learning Mandarin, it’s best to keep a list of these homophones that will help you avoid making mistakes when writing or speaking.


Learning Mandarin is not an easy task, but it doesn’t mean that you should give up either. The key to mastering this language faster than your friends comes with setting smaller daily goals to keep yourself motivated, having clear long-term goals, and knowing when to seek help for advice whenever necessary. With these rules in mind, you will learn Mandarin much faster than the average person.

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