Know How To Choose The Best Couple T-Shirt – Be Smart, Choose Smart

Know How To Choose The Best Couple T-Shirt – Be Smart, Choose Smart


Everyone wants to make their special days more special by adding some charm to it. For couples, it becomes more important. Couples always want to be one. So matching is most important for them. But, planning to buy something special for your most beloved ones in not an easy task. Whether it is pre-wedding or marriage anniversary, valentine day or love anniversary, they want to treat all these days as a special day.

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Everyone wants to make their special days more special by adding some charm to it. For couples, it becomes more important. Couples always want to be one. So matching is most important for them.

But, planning to buy something special for your most beloved ones in not an easy task. Whether it is pre-wedding or marriage anniversary, valentine day or love anniversary, they want to treat all these days as a special day.

This type of plans can add more taste to their life. They do these things to show case their love towards each other. But the first question, which arrives in the mind, is what to do? What to buy? How to choose? If these questions are in your mind, then you are at the right place.

Here you will see the most important things one must consider before trying to buy the couple t-shirt. These are the followings: –

1. Occasion

Your choice should vary with the occasion. You should choose your t-shirt smartly, so that it will match the need of the occasion. The style will vary according to the day that may be pre-wedding, marriage anniversary, valentine day, love anniversary, or just as a gift to add some charm to your boring and busy life.

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Also, in addition to this if you have arranged a function or party on that occasion, then the colour and style should match with the decoration of that function, otherwise all your hard work will go in vain.

2. Size and Fit

This is very much important. The t-shirt one buys must be fit to both of the couple, otherwise your try will be failed. So, be very much careful in choosing the size.

At most of the online stores they provide same size t-shirt for both the couple. So you have to be first check the size of both of you and order the t-shirt of the higher size between both of you e.g. if your size is s and your partner’s side is l, then order the l size t-shirt so that no problem will arise and you can enjoy your day with the new t-shirts.

Also if you are someone who is very serious about comfort then you should prefer to buy over-sized t-shirt so that if it shrinks after wash then still you can wear it comfortably without any tightness.

Length is also an important factor. Some people like short t-shirt and some like long. Also t-shirt length varies with the height of people. So the couples should choose the length according to their height so that it will fit for both of them.

3. Styles

There are different types of t-shirts available such as the following styles:

Half Sleeve T-Shirt

This is one of the most commonly used and available t-shirt. Most of the couple like it as it looks fit for both men and women. The crew neckline along the base suits most of the people.

Long sleeve t-shirt –It is same with the half sleeve t-shirt just have an extra-long arms. It also suits both men and women, so couples like it.

Round Neck T-Shirt

This t-shirt has a round neck style. Because of this round neck most of the girls like it and as obvious as girls like it boys like it or not, that is not considered.

V-Neck T-Shirt

It is also a type of t-shirt loved by many. So, you can consider this but remember both of you should agree with this otherwise you know what will happen.

T-Shirt With A Cap

This is a latest trend of t-shirts. Many couples like it as it looks fancy and modern.

The above five types t-shirts are most liked and also most available t-shirt for couples. Also along with this cutting design is also in trend now-a-days.

Cutting Of The T-Shirt

With the change in generation the mind-set of people has been changed enormously. Young generation people are very much serious about the style of their t-shirt.

They all prefer cutting on the t-shirt, which helps them giving a fancy and stylish look. Also the cutting increases the comfort level, that’s why it is becoming very much popular among all age groups.

4. Colour

Colour is also an important thing to consider while buying t-shirt. The colour of the t-shirt should match the occasion. For a function or party the colour should be same or most suitable with the colour of the decoration.

Colour is the first view and first impression of any gift. So we have to choose it very carefully. We have seen a lot of varies in the liking of people in case of people. Most people has very random like of colour. So before choosing the colour, you should know the like and dislike of your partner.

Most couples like white, black or grey coloured t-shirts. Let’s see extensively about these colours. Such as the followings:

White – White is the most liked colour among couples. It is a symbol of freshness, happiness and this is what the couples want.

Black – It is also liked by many couples. It matches to most of the occasions. It is bold, so can be best for valentine day.

Grey – After white and black, this is the most liked colour by the couples. It looks simple and smart.

How to choose the best colour to suit you

First of all you have to shortlist the colours according to your like and dislike.

We also have to consider the occasion, place, decoration etc.

Then there are also some more points which can consider to choose the colour, such as following:

Skin Tone

For a best match, you have to choose the colour as per your skin tone. If you have a light complexion, then you should avoid choosing any light colour. Because this colours will make you washed out. If you have dark skin tone, then you should avoid dark colour. And if you have colour middle of light and dark, then most of the colours will suit you. You can go as per your own preference.

Eye Colour

Eye colour is also an interesting and important point to consider. Some people have very dark and some have very light eye colour. So they should choose their t-shirt colour accordingly to suit their eye colour.

Along with the above colours and suitability some people also like mix coloured design. But in most of the cases the combination of light colours look smart and beautiful.

5. Design And Print

Couples also should choose t-shirt of proper design and printings. There a lot of designs available in the market, but many of the designs are just meaningless. To find out excellent design, you should go for good brands.

Good brands are known for giving excellent, latest and modern designs. The designs should also be liked by both of the couples. You should not choose a design, which will mean to offence anyone, any religion or any cast. So you have to choose this carefully.

Printing is also an important key factor in the t-shirt. Printings can be of different style. Such as written or pictorial. The phrases written in the t-shirts may be liked by someone or not. So the couples should take care of this. Both of them should have an idea of their likings so that they can choose the best suitable phrase which is printed in the t-shirt.

Also, along with this some people also consider the language. Some likes English, some Hindi and some likes other regional languages. Also some couples like any other foreign language on their t-shirt such as French, Japanese etc.

The drawings on the t-shirt also may be of different styles such as cartoons or symbols or any historical drawings. So you should choose the one which both of you likes and it should suit the occasion and also should suit on your body.

The main work of any series of texts or the graphic designs done on the couple t-shirts are to make sure that anyone who see them wear the t-shirt can get the idea that they both are in deep love and love each other a lot. So if you are planning to buy the t-shirt after some days and you have enough time for that then I will suggest you to make a order for a special design with special writings or graphic designs as per your wish.

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The writings or graphics should be short and clear. Don’t waste money on too much writings or too much complicated graphic designs. Keep it as simple as possible. Just try to add some charming sentence. It will do your work. Your aim is to make your partner happy, so make sure that he/she will like it.

6. Fabric

Anything one buy to wear that must feel good in the body. That should be very much comfortable otherwise the money will be wasted. So choosing the correct fabric that will suit your body and give you comfort is very important.

There t-shirts of a lot of varieties of fabrics available in the market, but many of those are of cheap quality and that cheap quality will make you feel very uncomfortable so you shouldn’t go for it. Also the choose of fabric may vary with the season, location and atmosphere e.g. someone will want to buy different fabric product in winter than that of summer and also someone in Kashmir will choose different want than that of someone in Rajasthan.

There is also many types of fabric that doesn’t suit someone’s body. So you also have that knowledge about the suitability of your partner and choose the fabric accordingly. You should not go for cheap fabric products because it may cause any type of skin problem. So you are trying to make your life happy, but the result will be something different and you have to finish your day at the hospital.

Let’s see some types of fabrics in the following list:


Cotton is made up of natural fibres of cotton plant. It is a soft and fluffy material. It is widely used in the textile industry from many years ago. Cotton gives comfort, so it is preferred by everyone that than of many other fabrics. It is also very affordable and is safe for those who have sensitive skin.

The cotton fabric is also available in many types in the market. Thickness and softness of the product create the main difference finally.

Let’s see some types of cotton fabric also in the following:

100% Cotton

This is the fabric made entirely from cotton. Many companies claim that they have used 100% cotton fabric. But many of them are giving false information.

Brushed Cotton

It is combination of many fabric structures. It is very smooth and soft, which leads to extreme comfort and will not create any itchiness. It feels very good in winter as it protects our body from chilled air, but remember it done not make us feel extreme heat. Because of these qualities, it is also widely used and liked by many people.

Cotton Lawn

It is a thin and sheer fabric made up of tight weave with finer thread. It is well-known for its great and smooth surface texture. So it looks extremely beautiful. So during buying a couple t-shirt if you have an option of this fabric, then I will suggest to definitely go for this fabric because it will make both of you looks extremely beautiful and make your day more charming than you have expected for.

You can choose this in winter and if you are in your honeymoon trip to any cold place like Kashmir then you should definitely go for this fabric t-shirt. It will give you extreme comfort.

Gauze Cotton

It is thin and translucent. It has a loose open weave. It is used to make loose, light t-shirts. This is a perfect fabric for summer. So if you are in a honeymoon trip to any hotter place then definitely go for this fabric. Because it will make you feel cooler and make your day more charming.

So the above are some cotton types, which can be used for different seasons and places. You have to choose it smartly so that you can get maximum benefit.


Polyester is a synthetic fabric derived from petroleum. This is widely used fabric in textile industry and used for thousands of applications. It is very resilient and can withstand high amount of wear and tear. It prevents fading. Also it holds the shape perfectly and doesn’t shrink easily. The one problem with it is colour, as it cannot have a rich colour like cotton.

Cotton Blend

Cotton blend is a type of fabric made from combination of cotton and polyester. It has 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It has more benefits than that of only cotton or only polyester because as it has both of them, it exists properties of both of them as well. It feels like cotton also with extra lightness and wrinkle resistant. So, it is like killing two birds with a single stone. Also, its price is affordable.


Rayon is a type of fabric made from purified cellulose and wood pulp. It is so comfortable to wear and also gives cooling. So it is massively used in summer and for sportswear. But the problem is that you have to be very careful when washing it because it can shrink a lot.

Tri-blend Fabric

As the name suggest, it has combination of three fabrics i.e. cotton, polyester and rayon. It has 50% of cotton and 25% of polyester and 25% rayon. These combinations makes it super smooth and extreme comfortable and suitable for any season, any place and any time. These are also less likely to shrink. If you are looking for a naturally broom and generic print then definitely go for this.


It is also a well-known fabric in the textile industry. It helps in stretching the t-shirt more. So, it is mostly used in athletic wear. As it allows more stretch, there is a ease of movement, which makes it comfortable to wear.


Now-a-days bamboo is also becoming a popular fabric for manufacturing of t-shirts. It has anti-bacterial and moisture absorbing qualities. These can also make the temperature down, so it is an excellent choice for summer and hot regions.


Viscose is a type of rayon fabric. It is similar to that of bamboo. It has also natural moisture absorbing qualities. So it also makes feel comfortable in summer and if the humidity is so much high then you can blindly go for this.


Hemp is there from a long time, but not being used widely till now. But it has some good qualities like comfortable to wear and it also acts as a planet saver as it absorb massive amount of carbon dioxide.

7. Price

Price is also important. In the market you can find t-shirts of any price range. You can find a t-shirt of 100 rupees and one of 10000 rupees also. So here you can see the range. The range so high. So you can imagine that how much t-shirts of different price you can get in the market. If you are very serious about your money then you can go fort any mid-range t-shirts. Many branded companies are providing high quality t-shirts at very effective cost which is affordable by many of the people.

Remember that high price is not the guarantee of high quality. Many times, the price may be high just because of the brand name not because of the quality. so check these things properly to buy.

Sometimes you can see the mid-range t-shirts are more attractive, stylish and have better design than that of a costly t-shirt. But remember, there is a big gap with the product quality.

The price you choose to buy the product also depends on your use. If you are going to use the product for very less time, then it is better to go for mid-range products rather than high priced products. And if you want to use that for a very long time, then you have to and should spend more, so that with the passage of time and with the use of that product the quality doesn’t degrade.

While buying you should not compromise with the quality of that product. Because if you are trying to do something better and surprising and we want to add some charm to your busy and boring life by this couple t-shirt, so you have to choose a good quality product, so that it looks better, feels better and it can make your job done because your ultimate aim is to make your partner happy and thus making yourself also happy. So the amount you spend on this will worth it. And if you don’t use money and buy a cheap product, then it will not look good and all your money will be wasted.

8. Brands

In order to have a clear assurance of quality, we should go for well-known brands. There are a lot of established t-shirts brands are available in the market. All the reputed brands have high quality of product. Only you have to choose the one having all your preferences. Some of the popular brands are Allen Solly, Jack & Jones, Adidas, Puma, Peter England, Everlane, United States Polo Associations etc.

9. Customer Ratings And Reviews

Customer’s rating is must to see before buying any product especially if you are trying to buy that online. There are many users, who have already bought that product and used it, so they can tell about that product in better way. There are also some fake reviews available about some product. So kindly ignore those reviews and check the reviews which is given by maximum number of people. Also check the reviews in different shopping apps and also you can check the reviews in google or any other third party website.

Along with the customer rating, we also have to read the reviews as well. Because the product may be good at many features but it may have less quality in some other features e.g. it may have very good quality but bad with colour or vice-versa. If you are someone who looks for good colour will end up buying that product with bad colour quality. But if you read the reviews carefully then you can find out all these deficiency of that product, so that you can choose the right one for you and your partner. So customer’s reviews is equally important as the ratings. So don’t go for that product only because of good rating, check all the features properly.

If you are buying the product from any local market i.e. offline, then you can easily check its quality by touching it. So there is no need for others ratings. Still if you can get others ratings on that product then you should listen to them, so that you have a brief idea about the product and you can check that product from that perspective directly and if you find anything not correct then you can leave that product and go for another one. In the offline shop, don’t believe on the vendors blindly, because they will tell every product is of high quality and also in many t-shirts you can’t check its actual quality and first time. At the time of buying the quality may be very good, but after a little use the quality will degrade drastically. This is the vendors marketing strategy, they just want to sell their product.

So, in order to get assurance about the quality we should go for well-known brands. Because they are established in the market and known for their quality from many years. So you can trust on the reputed brands. After this there also another problem arises. Now-a-days there are many fake products available in the market named as the brands of many reputed companies to make them sell at higher price. So be careful about this and check the company logo and stickers carefully while buying so that you can identify the fake products.

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After considering all these situations and probabilities, I will suggest to go for online products. Because here you have an idea about the quality of the products from the users ratings available in the app or website. And also we have a security and chance to return or replace the product if you don’t like it.

So it is better to go for online products. Also check the price of the same product at different website because the price may vary in different apps, so that you can check get this product at least price. Also it is better to directly buy from the respective company’s website rather than any other third party website because there we will have 100% guarantee of genuine product.

Thanks for reading. I hope this article can help you the in choosing a perfect t-shirt for you and your partner.

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