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Industry Exhibitions Are A Stage Performance

Industry Exhibitions Are A Stage Performance

Industry Exhibitions Are A Stage Performance Staff
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Every single industry has its own events throughout the year. The industry exhibition is usually done at the beginning of the year as it’s the place where you go to show all your newest products and services. It’s for that reason you should be approaching the next event as a stage performance. Think about it, you’re going to be surrounded by so many other businesses all of who are in their own stands. Some might choose to stand out by buying the biggest TV they can find and displaying their video marketing content on them. Others might try to use a bit of razzle dazzle by having a light show and blaring music. However nothing captivates an audience like a live show. A stage performance at an industry event is all about connecting with the audience and showing your self-belief in your company. But just how should you go about it without making things too theatrical?

Your own pulpit

Your marketing staff and other members of the workforce that will be taking to the stage to give presentations will need a stand that is designed to give them the space to move around. No one wants to watch people give a presentation just standing around and talking. Yet it’s hard to even find this kind of exhibition stand, as most are in the classic box or open box design. For this you will need to go custom and speak to a company such as Open Exhibitions that makes bespoke stands as their bread and butter. The great thing is that all their exhibition stands are modular. They have custom builds, system infrastructure and elements of the stands that can be added to later on. This is a personal service that is done directly with you so the stage can be to your desired dimensions.

Free flowing communication

In order for your presentation staff at the event to give a smooth free flowing speech, they must have excellent communication skills. However their equipment must also allow them to perform at their highest. A hands-free microphone for public speaking is a great idea for your employees to wear. It keeps their hands free obviously which means they can use props, use computers, meet and greet the public, and generally just move around more naturally. They can also use their hands to express their words more articulately. There are a few choices that you have such as a standard clip-on mic that can blend into a dark shirt. On the other hand you have the wrap-around microphone that goes along the back of your neck and head where the mic is just in front of your mouth.

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Standing and speaking

It’s also good to have a speech stand on one side of your stage as you can use it as the focal point from which all other presentations happen. It’s the place where the leader can stand from and guide the audience through different parts of the exhibition but it doesn’t take up too much space on the stage.

Industry exhibitions are substantially competitive, and the chance of doing what everyone else is doing in stand design is high. So make a custom stand which has a stage from which your employees can perform live presentations instead.

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