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How to Take Advantage of Screen Recording for Various Uses

How to Take Advantage of Screen Recording for Various Uses

How to Take Advantage of Screen Recording for Various Uses Staff
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People tend to have a very fixed view of screen recording and often assume that it is mainly only useful for content creators. That isn’t entirely true however, and the fact of the matter is that you can take advantage of screen recording for a number of different uses.

To be more specific, some of the ways in which you may want to take advantage of screen recording include:

Saving online streaming videos

While there are several ways to ‘save’ online streaming videos, most have various limitations. That isn’t the case with screen recording, which will simply record any online streaming videos directly from your screen so that you can save them.

Not only does this mean that you can save online streaming videos from social media or video sharing platforms, but it will also enable you to save livestreams or content from video-on-demand platforms.

Saving video calls

Another way to take advantage of being able to save videos from your screen is to use screen recording to save video calls. Essentially screen recording will let you capture a video call while it is in progress, so that you can subsequently save it.

The only caveat is that to do this you need to be able to not only record the system audio, but also audio input from your microphone if you want to record your side of the call. It is worth noting that this is an excellent way to record interviews as content.

Recording videos of apps and games

Undoubtedly the most popular way in which screen recording is used is to record videos as apps and games. While it can be used to create clips for your own reference, more often than not it is to create content such as how-to guides, demonstrations, walkthroughs, and so on.

Recording videos of apps or games can also be a helpful way to document bugs, as it will allow you to ‘show’ others the bug or issue that you’re facing and make it easier to get help.

Now that you see how screen recording can be used for various reasons, you should also have an idea how you stand to benefit from it. That being said if you want to take advantage of it you will need to have a screen recorder of some kind.

While there are numerous screen recorders out there, the one that you should definitely try is Movavi Screen Recorder. It is easy-to-use and will let you define the capture area, select the audio sources, adjust the volume levels, set the frame rate, capture keyboard or mouse actions, or even automate the recording.

Regardless of whether you want to save Netflix to MP4, record a video call, grab a video from YouTube or use screen recording for some other purpose – Movavi Screen Recorder will have everything you need to facilitate it. In fact you will be able to set it up and start recording the video that you want in a matter of minutes.

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