How to run effective meetings

How to run effective meetings

It seems that my two posts on “Writing Good Meeting Minutes” and “Writing Good Meeting Minutes Revisited” have been very popular (the first post is receiving the second highest amount of hits after the homepage). So, I thought I’d point you in the direction of two other meeting resources that will be of interest to those of you who struggle through dire meeting after dire meeting.

First up is the PDF on “Effective Meetings” which is a nice summary of what most of us should be doing in meetings but don’t.

The second resource is from my favourite Podcast Host, Wayne Turmel of “The Cranky Middle Manager Show”. He’s produced an e-book called “Meet like you mean it”. I had privilege of reading it before it was published and it contains lots of tips on running meetings and coping with interruptions. Unlike most “management technique” books you read, Wayne takes a semi-lighthearted look at the world of meetings but don’t be fooled, the content is full of loads of good information. Oh, and make sure you sign up to his podcast as well – excellent stuff.

Also, don’t forget my downloadable “Meeting Mate” to help you run your meetings and write up the minutes.

And, I haven’t forgotten about my posting series on Managing Web Projects, honest! I’ve just been rather side-tracked by trying to organise our local village fete (and beer festival – not that I’ll get to try any of it), I will be posting about “Quoting” shortly, honest!

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