How To Prepare Well For A College Interview

How To Prepare Well For A College Interview


Millions of high school students apply for college each year and one hurdle they face is the interview. Learn how to prepare for a college interview today

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The fall semester is way underway and that meant millions of Americans have entered higher education for the first time. According to experts, millions of students go to college every year. In 2019 alone, there were over 19.6 million students in various colleges and universities throughout the United States. However, before a high schooler can enter these lofty (and expensive) halls, there are plenty of hurdles and requirements they have to meet.

One of the most important hurdles you must overcome before you can enter the college of your choice is the college interview.

Learn what you can expect and how you can better prepare for your college interview.

What To Expect In A College Interview?

Whether you want to go to a school that provides ICT strand courses or a humanities-oriented college, you will occasionally need to sit down with a college interviewer. These interviews are usually set up either as a final way for applicants to make their case or a way to winnow out people who may not fit into the college.

Despite the differences between each college’s approach to the interview, there are some common questions you can expect from them.

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Below are some of the most common things you can expect when you go to a college interview.

Questions About Your Future

College interviewers will want to know about what you plan on doing for your future. Your career projection is essential to determining whether the courses the college offers will fit with what you want. For example, if you plan on becoming a successful interior decorator later in life, a college that focuses most on science-oriented courses may not be your best bet.

Questions About Your Academics

Aside from preparing for the SATs, you should also prepare to present the highlights of your high school academic performance. If you excelled in any classes or appeared at the top of any clubs, you should be prepared to take credit and bring it up as support for your case. Good grades are one thing, but if you managed to boost your academic performance with extra-curriculars, it makes an even better case for your acceptance.

Questions About Your School

Interviewers will also be curious about your experiences in high school. For example, one thing they may ask is how your alma mater has shaped your educational experience. How can you improve your high school? What would you change about your education?

Interviewers use these questions sometimes to see your attitude toward schooling as well as determine your critical thinking.

How To Prepare For A College Interview?

College interviews are just as important as finding a nice dormitory and studying up for your entrance exams.

If you want to have a better chance of getting accepted into your dream college, here are a few effective tips on how you can impress your interviewers and leave a great impression.

Get Some Sleep

Stressing out over your interview the night before will most likely leave you sleepless and less ready to analyze potential questions. Do you best to try to get enough sleep the night before your interview and ensure that can respond quickly and correctly the next day.

Study Up on the School

You should learn as much as you can about your potential college. It does you no favors if you aren’t familiar with the school’s specialization or potential scholarships. Learning about the school you’re going to attend can prevent you from embarrassing yourself by saying the wrong thing.

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Know Your Assets

Be prepared to lay out why the college you’re interviewing for should accept you and that means showcasing your academic and extracurricular assets. Don’t be shy about any time you excelled in your studies or accomplished something great because these are essential in getting your interviewers to consider your application more seriously.

Be Succinct

Don’t babble nervously and keep your answers succinct. This doesn’t mean that you should answer in phrases or broken sentences. It just means that you should try to answer all questions with as short an answer as possible, elaborating only when the interviewer asks you to. Succinctness showcases that you are calm and that you can parcel information into manageable portions.

Final Words

College interviews can be stressful because they care absolutely crucial to ensuring your future career path. However, with enough preparation, you can meet and talk to your interviewer with confidence and calm. Take these lessons to heart and you can ace your interviews with ease.

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