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How To Choose Your New Front Door

Blue front door in a British town house

How To Choose Your New Front Door Staff
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The front door of your house isn’t just a functional item; it’s an impression of your taste and personality. Aside from being an important styling element of your home’s exterior, your front door makes a strong statement about the kind of interior behind it. While choosing a front door for your house, make sure it meets all quality and design standards. Understanding the security features, material and design properties of a front door will enable you to select quality external doors for your house.

Material matters

Numerous factors determine the appearance, durability, and security of your front door. Of all the factors that impact the quality of a front door, the most important is the material it is made of. Choosing a door with the right material will help you make your day-to-day operations smooth and minimise the annual upkeep. Furthermore, a fine-quality front door will help you in energy savings.

Composite doors

Composite doors offer a variety of finishing features, excellent security, and low maintenance cost. In addition, they also provide sound and heat insulation. Composite doors offer the benefits of both solid wood and UPVC. They are highly customisable with a remarkable finish and need nearly no maintenance and painting. Apart from being solid and durable, the composite door can significantly enhance the exterior of your house.

Engineered doors

Front doors made of wood are the favourite choice of many homeowners across the country. Wood is popular as it can be customised according to the desired size, style, and shape. But extreme outdoor weather conditions can cause your wood doors to warp and fade. Engineered doors are composed of engineered wood. Compared to solid wooden doors, engineered doors do not warp and have greater thermal efficiency and durability.

You have several front door options to choose from. The choice of material depends on factors like home design, performance requirements, and door designs.

Handles and Hinges

Your front door is a central part of your home exterior, both in design and operation. Accessories like handles and hinges are essential elements of your door that give your home décor a unique touch. You will get various options of fixtures and fittings to choose from. You can pick the best handles, hinges, draught stripes, and locks for your entry door. While choosing front door accessories, make sure you keep the overall design of your house in mind. Your front door can make or break the first impression of your home; make it as elegant as possible.


A good-quality front door can enhance the security of your house and improve the well-being of your family. While purchasing the front door, ask your supplier to provide you with details of the security system and specifications of the given product. Before you finalise your deal, carefully examine the locks and inbuilt security of the front door. According to the UK’s law, your front door must meet or exceed British Standard PAS24. To further strengthen the security of your house, you can replace spy holes in your front door with a security camera and a smartphone app. This will allow you to monitor your door at any time – even when you are not home.

Energy Efficiency

Under the UK government’s commitment to improving energy efficiency, all doors, including the front doors, must meet the performance standard. A specific ‘U’ value is awarded to the doors based on the frame and glazing materials. A good quality front door provides vital insulation to your house and significantly contributes to heat retention.

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