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How To Be Productive When Guest Posting For Your Business Success

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How To Be Productive When Guest Posting For Your Business Success Staff
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If you plan on using guest posting as a means to drive your business forward, you’re likely going to reap a lot of benefits, especially in terms of your marketing needs. Did you know that there are efficient ways for you to be productive when using guest posting? That’s right! You can also save money and resources by allowing guest posting to do a lot of your business work for you. How does this work? Is this difficult to accomplish? This article will show you how to be productive when guest posting for your business success.

Why guest posting, though, and how exactly is there going to be a way to be productive while doing it? It might help to look into a few facts on the subject first as to how guest posting can help with your endeavors. It has a lot of to do with its role in content marketing.

This is where benefits come in. Companies that have active blogs have 67% more leads and can have 13 times more positive returns than companies without active blogs. In addition, 81% of customers actually do online research before they decide to buy products. In the United States alone, 61% of customers have purchased items because of blog recommendations, and 68.52% said blogs do add credibility to a site. With all these benefits, you’d think these are enough for business success, right? And here you’re hearing that there are ways to be more productive as well?

Productivity and Guest Posts: Ensuring Your Business Success

If you plan on using your guest posts for your business success, you might want to utilize its potential to do a lot of marketing work for your business. Agencies such as NO BS Agency can actually help you in maintaining other aspects of your marketing needs, but guest posting by yourself can in fact put you at a significant advantage over your peers because of its potential to help you become more productive at work.

How does this work? Here are the ways for you to accomplish this:

Avoid task-switching, and focus on one task

People don’t exactly “multitask”; rather, they task-switch. This means they tackle more than one task at a time in order to finish work. While a lot of people do this and claim it works, it isn’t effective for everyone. If you’ve been trying to do this but failing, stop the habit and instead focus on a single task. This at least allows you to devote more time and energy into what you’re supposed to do and make sure you finish it with the kind of quality you want.

Be mindful which projects are intensive and which ones are urgent

Don’t treat all of your projects with the same level of urgency. Remember that some projects are not time sensitive and can be tackled bit by bit, and others need to be accomplished right away. Take note of these when you do guest posts, so you’re aware of what you need to do now and what tasks need more time.

Try to work with batches of tasks

When you receive tasks, try to see if they can be dealt with in “batches” so you don’t have to work on a handful of extremely different tasks at the same time. For instance, if you need to do one task six times a day, try to spend a much longer time doing it but only once a day. This can help you become more efficient in your work and allow you to think of better ways to do your task. This also enables you to potentially have more time for other tasks eventually.

Get your RSS feed in order for quick access of sources

Aside from bookmarks, you can actually also rely on RSS. A lot of people believe this isn’t relevant anymore, but it helps to have an RSS feed handy so you’re constantly updated on the content your favorite blogs are releasing. This way, you can go straight to your bookmarks for specific stuff and back to your RSS for live updates.

Build a style guide you can follow for your posts

If your audiences and client blogs or influencers love the content that you make, try to start compiling the list of patterns, strategies, tactics, and “formatting” you use to create your pieces. How do you pursue angles or story hooks? How do you write your pieces? Formulate a style guide that you can easily refer to so you don’t have to always compare and contrast your work.

The Bottom Line: Being Productive Means Finding Ways to Do Tasks Efficiently

When you want to be productive while guest posting, you’ll want to utilize all available tools you have to make the most out of the experience. Interestingly, with the above into consideration, you might actually already be doing it but not realizing it. If not, the above information tells you that making the most out of your guest posting experience is possible to push your business into the kind of success you’re looking for. All it takes is a bit of planning, careful execution, and proper evaluation of your progress so you’re always one step ahead of what you want to achieve through your guest posts.

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