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How Creating A Backyard Pond Can Increase Your Property Value

Garden pond with lilly pads and a white statue

How Creating A Backyard Pond Can Increase Your Property Value

While adding a pond in your backyard enhances the beauty of your house richly, it can also add a big number of values to your property that you might have not thought about. Having a water feature in the yard in most cases ends up with getting a lot of potential buyers who are willing to pay a big amount.

Ever wondered how creating a backyard pond can increase your property value? If not, you are going to learn all about it now!

Does Creating A Backyard Pond Increase Your Property Value?

Yes, it does. But the amount of value depends highly on some factors like quality work and beautiful design. This means, you will still need a valuable area, excellent quality housework, and an amazing design to get the best value out of your property.

There are a lot of debates on the fact that how much value a pond can add to your property. While some suggest that the price might increase up to 7-10%, others believe that the value depends highly on the location of your house.

For example, warm places like California or Florida rarely face snowing or freezing. So, if you have a house there with a backyard pond, you are more likely to get a higher price for your property.

On the other hand, ponds in places with hard snowing can only be used in summer or sometimes in spring. So, buyers will find ponds in those places an unnecessity and won’t want to pay extra for them. Hence, it will end up devaluing your property.

However, we are here to focus only on adding value to your property. In fact, in most cases, the pond will only increase the price of your house.

But some factors decide the amount of value that will be added to your property. First of all, the place your pond is located. It’s best to place it in your yard since no matter what you would want people to look at the beauty you have in your property.

The quality of the pond materials also has an important role in this. Using high-quality products and installation will only take the price higher. Filters and pumps will keep your pond water fresh and clean attracting buyers who are willing to pay a good value.

Decorations with plants and rocks will not only enhance the beauty of your yard but also make your property appreciated by others.

Why A Backyard Pond Increases Your Property Value?

Now, you must have understood that adding a water feature in the backyard can seriously increase your property’s value. But have you ever wondered how and why it actually does that? In this part of the article, I am going to talk about the main reasons for that.

Think about the areas beside oceans. Who doesn’t like to have a water source right beside their house? The same happens with a pond. A pond is a kind of a water source that certainly attracts a big number of buyers.

Not only a pond brings water into your life but also gives an aesthetic look to your house which eventually leads to an increase in your value. Also, it gives you an elegancy and style in the neighborhood.

Buyers love this extra beauty of the house and the fact that your house is a unique one in the area. Hence, they are ready to pay those extra bucks for your property. Also, you will get extra points if your house stands in a populated area.

Moreover, you might get a rising value for where ponds are in a supply and demand position area. In that case, any kind of water feature will be considered to be a plus point for your property.

So, you can see that a pond affecting your property value depends highly on the location of your house. But whatever your location is, it will surely increase the value even by 1%.

Steps To Increase The Value Of Your Home With A Pond

Now that you have a clear idea of how and why a backward pond increases your property value, you might want to know about ways of increasing the value of your home with a pond.

Step 1: Choosing The Location

First of all, you will need to choose a place to build your pond that’s open from all sides, no obstacles, and can be easily seen from the outside. Make sure there are no trees beside the area.

Step 2: Think About The Size

After that, you need to choose the proper size for your pond that’s totally suitable for the whole yard area. While something too big will seem to be inappropriate in the area, something too small will not be seen easily.

Step 3: Decorations

Adding extra decorations like fish, plants and rocks will be another plus point of your whole water feature. However, make sure that those things are compatible with your weather and region. Also, don’t add things that you won’t be able to maintain regularly.

Step 4: Filters & Pumps

Then come the filters and pumps. If you decide to install those, make sure that you choose the ones of high quality. You can’t imagine how much more value it will add to your house. You can also invest in chemicals to maintain a healthy pH level and reduce the algae as well as bacteria.

So, the best thing to do is to maintain a proper balance in the area, size, and weather. Also, try to add some decorations to make the yard look more attractive.


So, this is how a backyard pond increases your property value. While building a pond can depend on your location and weather, in most cases, it’s a great investment in whatever kind of area you are living in.

One of the main reasons for this value increasing is that people just love having a water feature anywhere near. Nothing can be better than listening to the peaceful water flowing sound in your own house!

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