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Hi, this is Anne Thynne. Not the famous marine biologist but I love the fact that we both share a common interest. I have been keeping fish in aquariums since my childhood. Back in 2007, I was introduced with the amazing world of aquascaping and reef keeping.It still fascinates me.
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How Creating A Backyard Pond Can Increase Your Property Value

January 6, 2021 By Anne Thynne

While adding a pond in your backyard enhances the beauty of your house richly, it can also add a big number of values to your property that you might have not thought about. Having a water feature in the yard in most cases ends up with getting a lot of potential buyers who are willing to pay a big amount. Ever wondered how creating a backyard pond can increase your property value? If not, you are going to learn all about it now!…more »

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