Google's taking over the world! Plus Free Software For All!

Google's taking over the world! Plus Free Software For All!

Via Lifehacker I found a list of Google Services, here’s just a taster:

  • Google Blog Search is very much like the web search service but letting search only through various blogs around the web.
  • Google Book Search allows you to search though books that Google has scanned into their database.
  • Google Catalogs is a search engine for mail-order catalogs.
  • Google Code is Google’s effort to promote and contribute to Open Source software.
  • Google Compute exists as a part of the Google Toolbar and uses your computer’s idle time (when you’re not using it) to compute data from distributed computing projects like Folding@Home.
  • Google Deskbar is essentially an embedded IE window in your Window Taskbar that you can search Google from.
  • Google Desktop is similar to apps like Konfabulator or Dashboard but not as attractive. It offers various widgets and a sidebar which let you do things like searches, aggregate feeds, write notes, check weather, and more.

View the full Google Services list at TipMonkies

shocked and that’s just a small taster! Mental!

Plus, OpenCD have just released new a new version jam-packed to with loads of open-source goodness.

Programs include:

Plus much more. Coming soon will be a round up of Open Source software (mainly for Windows as I haven’t gotten round to installing my new Linux hard-drive yet cheeky tongue).


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