Go with the flow or stand out from the crowd

Go with the flow or stand out from the crowd

I received the following from a friend of mine last night and it got me thinking.

(Darn it! Doing the “thinking” thing again).

Take a look at the picture. You can be anyone but if you blend in with your environment and face the same way you’ll be safe.

Alternatively you can stand out from the crowd and get noticed – but doesn’t that lead you into danger?

So which is best. For the fox I’m sure it would be the former! But in a business sense? I think a mixture of the two.

If you consistantly play it safe then you won’t get noticed and this could mean being passed over for promotions and payrises, a couple of “stand out from the crowd” moments – suggesting a new implementation of a system, organising a party – and you’ll be noticed.

I’d like to think I’m a mix of the two – when it comes to suggesting new systems, I’m your girl but I stay out of the way when it comes to most other aspects of IT.

So where do you stand?

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