Getting Things Done (Finally)

Getting Things Done (Finally)

I have seen a lot of netizens talking recently about using Google Gmail to run their GTD systems which is all well and good if you can get a Gmail account. Living in the UK I can’t get the access/invitation code sent to my Mobile and I don’t know anyone with an account for them to send me an invite so I started looking about to see if I could find an alternative.

Because I shift between computers I wanted something that was portable, quick to set up and could preferably sync with my Ipaq and Phone. Thunderbird was out as you can’t sync to it and it’s not too portable; Hotmail is rubbish as you only have 250mb of space and as I’ll be emailing things to myself that’ll get used up quite quickly, you can’t synchronise unless you pay for an account upgrade and you can only access your hotmail email address; Outlook was out as I don’t (read that as won’t) have it installed on my home pc and I couldn’t seem to find anything else that was free and would do the job.

Then I remembered that years ago I signed up for a Yahoo! account so I logged back into that (can you believe I’ve been using the same password for 5 years, how bad is that?). With Yahoo! you get 1GB of mail storage, I’ve now linked in my personal email address so all emails (apart from Hotmail but I’ll start moving them over) get sent  to one central point which can then be browsed online or accessed through pop3, there’s a calendar function, reminders, task list and the ability to generate notes and store them in separate folders – Perfect for GTD. Plus – and I haven’t tried this yet, they have a free synching service so I can sync my PC and PDA to my Yahoo! account, how neat is that?

I’ll let you know how I get on and whether this new found enthusiam for organisation means that I actually Get Things Done. In the mean time, you can spy on what I’m up to and where I’m going by visiting My Calendar.

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    “mmm syncing yahoo/outlook and ipaq – easier said/flipped than done

    there are more settings than my DVD player. however if you’re not using outlook you may find it a little easier.

    What’s GTD? *bows head in shame as he’s sure he should know what this acronym is*”


    “GTD stands for “”Getting Things Done””. The prinicple is taken from a book called “”Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity”” by David Allen. Basically it tells you how to get rid of all your crap and apply the system to your entire life. I’ll write a post about it later I think, maybe that’ll help me understand it more!”


    “I just sent you an invite for Gmail.”


    “Thanks to Hassan I now have GMail! A fuller report when I’ve played around and broken it.

    If anyone would like an invite just post here.”

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