Getting Things Done Certification Program

Getting Things Done Certification Program


Become certified in Getting Things Done

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I received an email from the David Allen Company earlier on today:

Dear Katy,
David Allen is proud to announce our partnership with Linkage, Inc. a world-wide provider of the finest training solutions available. Find out how someone in your company can be certified to deliver the Getting Things Done methodology in-house, accelerating your whole team along the pathway to productivity.
The Getting Things Done Certification Program: A Path to Personal Productivity – Register today for this exciting new Train the Trainer Program! (** Link removed as it’s obsolete)
If you are interested in our new Train the Trainer Program, the required one-day training workshop, Getting Things Done: A Path to Personal Productivity – is now available. This will be offered in Boston, Washington DC, San Francisco and Chicago in the US and in Calgary, Canada. It features new instructional materials from your personal productivity experts at The David Allen Company.
We’re so delighted to announce this new opportunity as GTD continues to spread globally. Want to boost your GTD performance right now? Click here to Get Connected.
All the best,
The David Allen Company

Wow! What an excellent idea.

From Passion To Profit

If anyone goes I’d love to hear about it – it’s a shame they never seem to do this stuff in Europe; David, come to England I emplore you!

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4 thoughts on “Getting Things Done Certification Program

  1. “It’s a shame that they don’t seem to realise how big the GTD movement is in Europe.

    Hey Mr Allen, if you want to start a branch up here I’ll have a job from you!”

  2. “Wow! Thanks Robert, I shall attempt to be there. And the good news is that with the pound being so high against the dollar it makes it quite cheap. Hoorah!”

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