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Geeky Activities That Make You A Cool Companion

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Geeky Activities That Make You A Cool Companion

Finding cool things to do with companions can be difficult at times, especially if you like geeky activities. With some imagination, however, you can find special things to do. Here are nine geeky, fun activities to do with a companion, making you the friend that every geeky guy or gal would love to have.

Meteor & Eclipse Watching

Watching celestial events is always special and may only require some simple and inexpensive equipment. For meteor watching, you may want binoculars and to set up in an area with good night visibility. For eclipse watching, you need to purchase special eyewear that is certified safe.

DIY Science Experiments

Science experiments can be a blast. The internet is filled with unique science experiments to try at home. However, some experiments may require special items or chemicals. Unless you want a home filled with noxious smells, do those experiments in a special area, clean up spills promptly, and put waste in chemical bags.

Build A LEGO Set

A complex LEGO set is like a puzzle combined with a construction challenge. Work together or challenge each other with special sets. You might combine several smaller LEGO sets (affiliate link) into a unique hybrid or make things more interesting by knolling (building without instructions).

DIY Robotics

You can find a variety of DIY robot kits online. Building and customizing a simple or moderately complex robot is a great way to spend time together and exercise geeky, kit-bashing urges.


Geocaching combines road trips and outdoor activities. You can join a geocaching group or create one of your own and challenge your friends. Make sure to come up with appropriate clues!


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Board Game Night

Board games can make for a fun and interesting evening, especially if they use unusual props. With the vast number of board games available (affiliate link), there’s always something new to find.

Dub A Movie Or Commercial

If you have experience creating YouTube videos, then you may already have the equipment and skills needed to edit voice, music, and sound effects in typical video files. Locate a silly commercial or movie scene and create a script. Don’t forget the music and foleys!

Escape Room

An escape room can test your patience and creativity, but they’re not for everyone, especially if you suffer from claustrophobia. If you are both fans of Sherlock Holmes-style mysteries, an escape room adventure may be the perfect way to spend a couple of hours together.

Bigfoot/Cryptid Hunting

Many areas have stories of Bigfoot, Dogmen, water monsters, or some other mysterious forest or water dweller. Get your cameras ready and go on a hunt. These expeditions can require a road trip and hiking or overnight camping, so make sure you have all the food and gear necessary for the adventure, like smell-proof bags!

Geeky Activities Are Super Fun

High-level nerds and geeks should be valued, and having a geeky friend who enjoys doing geeky stuff can be rare. These activities are, for the most part, inexpensive and can take as little or as much time as you want. Doing one or more can allow you to make memories that can last you and your companion a lifetime.

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