Free Download: Ultimate Blog Planner

Free Download: Ultimate Blog Planner

Continuing my Free Planner Downloads today I bring you the Ultimate Blog Planner free downloadable PDF.

There are 3 files for you to download:

  • Monthly Blog Goals and Blog Stats
  • Monthly Blog Planner
  • Blog Post Planner

The idea is you print the blog goals and stats as the outer page, print the monthly planner as the inner page and then double-sided print the post planner so you can cover all of the information you need for your blog each month – of course you’re free to print the pages in any combination you want though!

These planners will allow you to plan your posts across the month, plan each post individually, track what steps you need to complete before you publish your post and track stats from a variety of sources.

The downloads are provided in 2-Up A4 size so you get 2 A5 pages per sheet¬†and are¬†compressed PDFs (print borderless for best results). To access the Ultimate Blog Planner, click on the link below and subscribe – you’ll get access to all my free content!

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