Free Download: FlipTimeBox – TimeBox Planner

FlipTimeBox - A Free DownloadableTimeBox Planner

Free Download: FlipTimeBox – TimeBox Planner

On Monday, I wrote an article about “TimeBoxing” – “TimeBoxing: What is it and how to use it” and it has quickly become one of my most popular posts is the space of just a couple of days. To say “thank-you” to all of you for the positive response I’ve come up with another free download for you – the FlipTimeBox, a free downloadable planner to help you block out your time using the TimeBoxing methodology.

What is the FlipTimeBox downloadable TimeBox planner?

The planner allows you to separate your tasks into hourly (or multiple hours), half hourly or 15 minute time boxes.

Simply write your tasks against the start time, drawing a box around around the amount of time you’ve allocated which will define your “TimeBox”.

How to use the FlipTimeBox Planner

Below is a graphic showing the various sections of the FlipTimeBox Planner.

FlipTimeBox Instructions

The planner is pretty simple to use:

  1. Date – The date this page relates to
  2. Start Time – I’ve intentionally left the times for you to decide. My work days don’t always follow a 9-5 pattern (and I’m sure yours don’t either) so you can start your day at whatever time you require.
  3. Time Matrix – This section shows the hours, half-hours and quarter-hours for you to block your tasksĀ against.
  4. Task Area – List your tasks here
  5. Notes – Write anything you need to remember here. This section is useful is you have work that needs to be carried over to another day, or for some general reminders.

How To Get The FlipTimeBox Free TimeBox Planner

For more information about TimeBoxing and how it works, please see my postĀ “TimeBoxing: What is it and how to use it“.

If you have any questions, suggestions or improvements to the plan, please let me know in the comments!

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