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Will Meditating Make You A Better Thinker? (And How To Make It A Part Of Your Life)

Will Meditating Make You A Better Thinker? (And How To Make It A Part Of Your Life)

Will Meditating Make You A Better Thinker? (And How To Make It A Part Of Your Life) Staff
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We all know somebody that does it, but a lot of us ask the very simple question, why? Meditating isn’t just one of those things that can help you go to sleep easier, but when it comes to personal development, it seems to be one of the most fundamental tools that sports people, entrepreneurs, and anybody in positions of power do at least once a day. But when it comes to meditating, are there any major benefits for your brain power? And if so, how can you do it right?

It Actually Changes Brain Structure

In the 1970s, scientists started to focus on what meditation can do for you. In fact, they discovered that meditation was associated with a thicker cerebral cortex. But in addition to this, the grey matter of the brain appeared more abundant. These are the parts of the brain that are linked to learning, decision-making, attention span, and memory. And now, with there being a lot more focus on neuroplasticity and the ways in which this can be achieved, meditation appears to be the frontrunner.

When we meditate and we do it right, we actually get into a more relaxed state of mind. This could be a very simple reason as to why everything works so well. And because scientists are unable to discover the real reasons why meditation works so well, perhaps we need to accept the fact that it does work, and just find the right ways to achieve this Zen-like state.

What Do We Need To Practice It?

If you are a complete novice, and you’ve looked at meditating with a raised eyebrow, you may certainly find that you’re not the type of person that can sit in one place and think of nothing. In these circumstances, practising meditation becomes about getting into the right frame of mind, but also calming our physiological self down.

It seems to be counterproductive, especially for those people that suffer from problems like PTSD or mental anxiety, to sit and think of nothing. If anything, those people won’t be able to do anything but think constantly. But this is where breathing techniques can certainly start to make it easier. The very simple aspect of breathing in and out, and focusing on the breath, is the first step towards meditating. And it’s been shown that breathing, especially deep breathing and box breathing, have profound physiological benefits. And as a gateway to meditation, this is the perfect first step.

Using Various Tools

You could argue that in today’s busy world, you’ve got no time to meditate. But this is where numerous tools can help. Meditation machines have been on sale for many years. And far from it being a futile purchase, meditation machines have been shown to relax people suffering from major cases of anxiety. The way meditation machines work is by having a set of goggles that have LEDs, and headphones that play binaural beats. Binaural beats are very popular online, and you can go on many websites to find them. The trick with binaural beats is that, depending on the frequency, you can put yourself into a specific state of mind. And this can be applied to focus, relaxation, and, of course, meditation. This can be a very useful gateway in conjunction with deep breathing.

Making It A Part Of Your Life

To make it an essential part of your life, it’s got to be a habit. You might find that you are too busy to do this. But it doesn’t take long to achieve. You sit down and spend 10 minutes in the morning, or 10 minutes in the evening, giving your mind and body that opportunity to prime itself. And if busy entrepreneurs can find 10 minutes to do it, it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for you.

Remember, if 10 minutes is too much, it is about the quality and not the quantity. But if you want to make it a part of your life, it’s important to find the right space. A lot of people have to go to a class to do it, and others need to just get away from their lives so they can undertake this decompression session. But one of the best ways to do it is to set up a little Zen space of your own. It doesn’t have to be anything lavish. In fact, your garden could be ideal. You can purchase some recycled plastic benches, a collection of plants, and just put on some headphones that play binaural beats or isochronic beats that give you the chance to switch off from everything that’s going on. And this is the important thing to remember about meditation. It’s about giving yourself that opportunity to bring everything into focus so you can function better in every aspect of your life. It’s not about embodying some age-old hippie practice; it’s about benefiting your mind.

Everybody deserves to have some sense of tranquility in their lives. And for those people that are on the go, and are constantly looking for ways to do things quicker and more efficiently, meditation is vital. Because we are constantly on the go, we’re being pulled in numerous directions in our brain and body, that having the chance to recharge our mind gives us control over our day. Some people go further and practice transcendental meditation, and it’s incredibly liberating.

Whether you want to solve the problem that has been lurking in your mind for so long, or you are after peace and quiet, meditation provides many answers. And with this, meditation makes us a better thinker. Not just in terms of the scientific studies, but for us require a moment’s peace, or we’re looking for some clarity in a busy world, that opportunity to sit down, close our eyes, and focus on our breath gives us a centring that, amidst the chaos, we can finally learn how to cope with everything that comes our way. Now, schools are teaching meditation and mindfulness, and maybe it’s time that we take this on board in our lives as well?

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