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FlipPlan – Free Printable Planner Released

Flip Plan - Downloadable Weekly Planner

FlipPlan – Free Printable Planner Released

Check Out the FlipPlan here

I’ve been busy working on a small side project over the past couple of weeks that turned out to be a slightly larger undertaking than I anticipated – isn’t that always the way (maybe I should have looked into my archive and checked out how to estimate project duration?!)

Anyway, the project is now ready to launch to everyone and I am proud to announce the release of FlipPlan.

What is FlipPlan?

FlipPlan is a downloadable planner that allows you to schedule upcoming events on  a simple piece of paper that folds over into a small booklet. It’s smaller than a pocket calendar, and more flexible than a simple piece of paper.

Based on PocketMod, the FlipPlan provides a newer take on the paper-based calendar system.

Why use FlipPlan?

Whilst PocketMod is the “Granddaddy” of foldable pocket organisers, it hasn’t been updated in a while and there are a few issues with it that I’ve found such as you have to manually write dates on it and months seems to print out with only 28 days so it seemed like the right time to create a more modern version.

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FlipPlan allows you to select a date and a series of calendar pages are automatically generated for you to print out, fold and stick in your pocket, no working out dates required!

From Passion To Profit

I decided to come up with my own planner as I rely on Google Calendar to manage my appointments and I usually add most of my appointments through my phone. In my new job, it’s not really possible for me to carry my phone around with me (at the moment) and if I’m asked whether I can do something at a certain time on a certain date, I don’t have a clue. The FlipPlan allows me to note down major appointments so that I can check my availability quickly and let people know if I am free or not.

Having the dates automatically filled out for me takes up less of my time setting it up and also means it’s less likely a mistake will creep in.

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I’m going to be adding more features over the coming months such as note pages, a month view and more. If you like the FlipPlan and have a suggestion for extra functionality, please contact me.

Interested in the FlipPlan? Generate your free FlipPlan here!

I’ll be adding some how-to’s soon but in order to understand how to fold your FlipPlan please check out the video on the PocketMod website.

Note: This post refers to v1.1 of FlipPlan

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