Printable Grocery Shopping List Revisited

Printable Grocery Shopping List

Printable Grocery Shopping List Revisited

I thought I’d return to my Grocery Shopping Hack checklist as it’s gotten some extra interest thanks to a link from a Lifehacker Post.

Why do we need a shopping list?

Although the article was written a few years ago, people are still visiting Flipping Heck from it I guess because, like me, they don’t have the time (or the inclination) to sit down and write a shopping list each week. Every week I purchase similar items (milk, veg, mince etc.) and I end up wasting precious time sitting down to try and remember what I need to buy, that’s were this list comes in.

Additionally, going shopping with a list helps you to focus on what you’re purchasing and make better, healthier choices.

New Design

I’ve revised my design of the Printable Shopping List for you to download. I’ve added a few extra items and some more room for you to add your own things that I may have missed off.


If there’s anything I’ve missed off and you think I should add, please let me know in the comments, you can also view my original “Grocery Shopping Hack: Weekly Shopping Lists” post here.

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