Five Questions You Must Answer If Customers Aren’t Buying

Five Questions You Must Answer If Customers Aren’t Buying


If you’re struggling to get sales in your business there could be a few reasons that could be stopping your customers finalising their purchase with you. In this article we look at 5 questions you need to asking yourself if sales aren’t as high as you would like.

Five Questions You Must Answer If Customers Aren't Buying
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If you find yourself struggling to get customers to buy your product online or sales figures are a little low, it’s important not to panic. There are various reasons why this can happen, and the best way to deal with the situation would be to ask yourself a few simple questions. By asking yourself these questions, you can troubleshoot some of the main issues and make sure that they don’t bog down your business. Let’s start off with a big one.

Is The Price Too High?

It is possible that customers simply don’t want to pay for the product at the price that you’re advertising. This is why a price check is part of every market entry strategy. If customers aren’t willing to pay it, then the price needs to be dropped. It is important to understand that does not mean that this is all your product will be worth from now on. It could be that the price will fluctuate as they often do until it reaches the final point where people will be happy buying. Don’t be afraid to switch the price either. Customers expect you to do this and if you drop it then it simply looks like a great deal.

Is There An Issue With The Website?

There may be a problem with the website and this is why your sales are low. The telltale sign would be if the number of people visiting your site is actually quite high but they don’t complete the sales funnel – that’s a dead giveaway that something is going wrong once customers reach your website.

If you can’t see any technical issues with the site, take a look at recording visitor’s interactions with your site using a service such as Hotjar. You can see what people are clicking on and where any confusion may be happening – perhaps they can’t find the checkout button or it’s a simple case of moving the search field location.

You can also look into A/B testing to see what style and type of campaigns and product information converts better with your target audience.

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Are You Using PPC Correctly?

Are you using PPC marketing? PPC marketing works with bids. You bid on the keywords that you want at the price that you are willing to pay. Sometimes you can face heat from the competition, and that means that you struggle to win interest from customers. It’s quite common, and if that’s the case, you might want to look at exploring less competitive keywords where you’ll have a better chance with lower bids.

Is There An Issue With Reviews?

Of course, it’s quite possible that your issue isn’t anything to do with your bids but rather something happening elsewhere online. You might find that the product you are selling already has various negative reviews. In situations like this, it’s difficult to get more customers to take a chance. The only way to handle this is to find out what is causing the negative reviews and work to fix it.

Do I Need A Marketing Push?

Finally, you may just need a greater push in marketing. You should explore whether it’s time to increase your marketing funds and make a greater advance on your target audience. Remember, the online world is incredibly competitive to the point where if you fall back even a little someone else is ready to take your place.

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