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Facebook And Google vs Privacy

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Facebook And Google vs Privacy

<start rant>
I’ve started to become a little annoyed with the sort of information tracking that Google and Facebook seem to be doing at the moment.

Okay, I know by using their products and services I’ve agreed to whatever terms and conditions the decided to have at the time but it’s beginning to irritate me that they want to know everything about me – and appear to know everything about me.

Take this recent Facebook ad that keeps getting chucked in my face.

Crap Facebook Advert

Okay Facebook, thanks for reminding me – like my Dad doesn’t do that enough already.

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If it’s possible, I think Google actually annoyed me more. All I did was open an Excel sheet in Google Docs as I thought it would be quicker and more convenient to do that than download it. What does Google then do?

Saves it for me.

Without asking.

From Passion To Profit

If I wanted to save it, I’d have saved it thank-you-very-much.

Then it took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to delete the blooming thing.

I know I could stop using these, but they’re so entrenched and prevalent in every day “Inetrnet” life that it’s difficult to get away from them.

It would be rather interesting – and frightening – to see how much, and what, information just these two companies hold on me.

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Maybe I need to stop using the internet and start wearing a tin-hat.

Photo by Desperate Dan

What do you think? Am I being paranoid or do we really need to start worrying about this?

</end rant>

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