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Event Essentials For Your Small Business


Event Essentials For Your Small Business Staff
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One of the best ways to get your small business into a big forum is to attend events. In fact, if you exhibit at conventions, exhibitions, and business events, you’re more likely to be remembered. Best of all, you’re networking all the time. You’re meeting customers, suppliers and other business leaders who can inspire you to do bigger and better things. So what do you need to set up a stand at an event?

A Great Idea

You need to start your planning for this event with a really great idea. It might be a theme, or it might be an activity you want to use to engage your audience. You want people to stop and stay at your stand as they’re walking through the event. Better still, you want them to be motivated to actively seek you out. Perhaps you’re the reason they’re attending that event? Now, what could make them go to all that trouble for time spent with your business?


Prepare an event with your target audience in mind. Photo origin

Gifts And Memory Aids

Every stand needs plenty of merchandise that you can thrust into customer’s hands before they leave. These items need to be carefully considered so that they have longevity in your target customer’s life. If you need some ideas for items you can add your logo to, then click here… You might offer goody bags to passers-by too. Your items will be looked at when they get back home. That puts your brand in their mind straight away.

Something To Say

If you’re going to thrust yourself and your business into the public forum, you need to have something to say. Make a good impression from the start. You might be there to make more sales, but you need to give a little for free first. This might be a few tips or advice. Perhaps it’s a chance to see your product in action? Plan out what you want to say. Map out the customer journey through this channel. It’s likely to be quite different to responses to mailers or ads online. What exactly do they need to hear, and how will you deliver it?


Make sure everyone leaves happy. Photo origin

A Personal Approach

Ultimately, meeting your customers in person offers a personal approach. You have an opportunity to build trust and credibility and even close a sale right there. This means you need to consider your entire presentation. Think about what you need to wear, what you need to say, and what props you might need to secure a sale. It can’t feel scripted to practice a few times before you arrive at the event. Consider how you will identify potential leads and nurture that interaction.

A Long Day

Any event will be tiring. You’ll start early, travel, set up and then tend to the stand all day. Then, of course, you’ve got to pack it all away and travel back. The next day will probably be spent making sure new contact details are handled appropriately. Always have a clear plan, and give yourself plenty of breaks. Even business leaders have to eat!

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