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Eight Reasons To Get A Grenada Visa In 2022

Coastline of St. George in Grenada

Eight Reasons To Get A Grenada Visa In 2022 Staff
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It is unfortunate that travel has slowed down due to the pandemic. We were literally caged in our homes for a good two years. However, with the world returning to normalcy, it’s time everyone packs their bags and goes on a much-needed vacation.

If you are reading this article, then you must have already decided on Grenada as your next vacation destination. You must have done your thorough research regarding the cheapest and fastest flights, hotel accommodations, and places to visit, among others.

But, if you are one of those who have accidentally stumbled upon this blog post, we will give you eight cool reasons to visit this beautiful Caribbean Island country. Before we dive deep, here is a little context regarding Grenada.

Grenada is an island country in the West-Indies, consisting of three islands. The country has picturesque landscapes, breath-taking beaches, finger-licking food, and amazing hospitality to offer. This is why individuals not only want to visit the country on a vacation but also want to get citizenship. Aside from being an amazing place, Grenada citizenship requirements are straightforward and minimum.

Now, let’s have a look at eight reasons why you should give this country a visit and get a Grenada visa in 2022.


Grenada, like the other Caribbean countries, is primarily famous for its breathtaking beaches. The beaches are perfect for water sports, sunbathing, or just having a stroll in the evening. There are over fifty beaches to visit in the country. Some famous beaches include the Grande Anse, which is more than two miles long.

Some other beaches include BBC beach, Pink Gin, Black Bay, Levera, and Morne Rouge beach. All the beaches have scenic views, crystal-clear waters, fun activities, restaurants, pubs, and white sand. You can also go snorkelling, diving, and birdwatching at these picturesque beaches.

Resorts, Hotels, And Guest Houses

Grenada has some of the finest resorts in the world. And they fit every pocket size, too. You can find guest houses and five-star hotels, both, with equal ease. The luxury resorts are the ones you should definitely check out. Some of them have even won prestigious awards, such as the Sandals la Source Grenada Resort and Spa, which has won silver in the Best all-inclusive resorts: honeymoon category. These luxury resorts are well-known for providing customized experiences to visitors.

Nearby Islands

Like other Caribbean countries, Grenada is an island country. The country is made up of over twenty islands. Grenada island is the main island. There are various equally beautiful Caribbean islands located in the vicinity that belong to the country. You can easily visit them on a trip to Grenada. The Carriacou and Petite Martinique are two of the most well-known islands nearby. You can easily take a boat trip to visit these islands.

Carriacou is the second largest of the main islands, and it literally means ‘Land of Reefs.’ Petite Martinique, on the other hand, is the smallest of them all. Despite its size, you can find some breathtaking views and tourist destinations on the island.

Festivals and Carnivals

The country’s culture is very rich. There are various festivals and events that happen throughout the year, which provide a glimpse of the rich, ancient heritage and culture. The Spicemas Grenada Carnival is highly popular and the premier cultural event in the country. It is a colorful and joyous event that lasts for two days on the second Monday and Tuesday of August.

There are also various music festivals that happen throughout the year, never providing a dull moment. The Drum Festival, Carriacou Parang Festival, and the Grenada Chocolate Festival are highly popular among locals and tourists.


The island has some of the most savory, mouth-watering, and delicious foods to offer. Grenada is well-known for its spices, and its food reflects it. You must check out the national dish Oil Down. It is a stew made of chicken and pigtails. They are steamed together with coconut milk and seasonings. You can also try callaloo soup, chicken, or goat curry. For desserts, there’s sweet potato pone that you should definitely try.

Grenada is also famous for chocolates. It is known as the ‘Chocolate Paradise.’ Grenada has factories and even museums dedicated to chocolate. The factories offer tours to visitors where they show the cocoa production process. You should surely check them out!


No holiday is over without shopping. And Grenada is a shopper’s paradise. You can find anything that you can imagine. There is the Grand Anse Craft and Spice Market that is famous for spices, cocoa, nutmeg, and antique artsy things that give a glimpse of the island. Visitors can also bring back some of the best hand-made souvenirs from the island.

Some well-known shopping destinations include the Le Marquis shopping complex, Spiceland Mall international, and the Grand Anse Shopping Center.

Underwater Sculpture Park

Underwater sculpture park in Grenada

Image source – Wikimedia

The Molinere underwater sculpture park is a collection of underwater art. It is located off the west coast. British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor created the park, and it was thrown open to the public in May 2006. The park is a popular snorkelling and diving destination.

The park is basically a museum featuring concrete sculptures derived from life casts of the locals. The park covers an area of over eight hundred square meters and has over sixty-five individual sculptures.

Some notable sculptures from the park include the Grace Reef, The Lost Correspondent, The Unstill Life, and The Fall From Grace.

Citizenship Program

In addition to a visa, you can also opt for Grenada citizenship by investment. The citizenship program is one of the best out there, and it ranks third on the citizenship by investment program Index from PWM.

So, why should you choose the program? Some of the benefits of the program include:

  • Visa-free or visa-on-arrival to 144 destinations.
  • Allows citizens to apply for a non-immigrant visa in the USA due to the ‘Investor Visa’ E-2 treaty.
  • Citizenship is transferable.
  • No minimum stay is required; individuals can also hold dual citizenship.

The citizenship requirements by investment include:

  • You need to donate USD 150,000 to the National Transformation Fund for a single person.
  • Similarly, for a family of four, the investment needs to be USD 200,000.
  • Invest in a property(government-approved project) for USD 220,000 and keep the investment for at least five years. There are fees and taxes that need to be paid extra.


Grenada is an attractive country having plentiful greenery, natural and man-made tourist destinations, and beaches on all sides. It makes for an amazing destination for vacation, work, and investment. We are sure that you will be left in awe when you visit Grenada.

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