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Why Obtaining Italian Investor Visa Is A Wise Decision

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Why Obtaining Italian Investor Visa Is A Wise Decision

If you have Italian immigration on your wish list, choosing the best route will be the biggest concern. You can try your luck with citizenship routes such as descent, marriage, and naturalization but not everyone has an Italian bloodline, marital ties, or long-term resident status.

Thankfully, you can still move to Italy with the investor visa process that qualifies will eventually you for citizenship. You can connect with the team of to seek assistance with this process. But before going ahead, it’s worth noting you must have convincing reasons to choose this option so let us explain why obtaining an Italian investor visa is a wise decision.

Multiple Investment Alternatives To Explore

The Italian investor visa is perhaps the easiest route from an eligibility perspective as anyone capable of investing a considerable sum in Italy can qualify. The best part is that it is within reach because you don’t need to have millions or Euros available as an investment.

Minimal funding of €250,000 in a start-up can get you accepted and there are other options, such as €500,000 for a running company, rising to holding €2 million worth of government bonds. You can check these alternatives and pick one that matches your capacity.

A Short And Simple Process

Another reason for making the investor visa a wise choice for aspiring immigrants is the ease and speed of the process. Unlike other immigration routes, you need not worry about waiting for years in extended consulate queues.

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The two-step process wraps up within months, so you can move to Italy and start afresh sooner than you can imagine and you need not travel to the country before completing the process.

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Funding Comes Only After Landing

The investor visa is probably the safest option when it comes to money as you only have to validate your investment capacity with bank statements as proof of funds during the application process.

The actual funding comes only after obtaining your investor visa and landing in Italy. You can apply for a residence permit right away and get a three-month deadline to bring the funds into the country

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Benefits Of A Residence Status

Although you do not get a second passport straight after landing in Italy with the investor visa, residence status comes early on. It means you get all the benefits of Italian residence, such as the right to live and work in Italy, travel visa-free in the Schengen region, and access to education and healthcare benefits. You can also bring your dependent family without additional investment.

Eligibility For Citizenship Down The Line

An Italian investor visa is your ticket to citizenship in the long run. The process takes a decade as you transition from a temporary residence to permanent residence after five years and qualify for citizenship status in a further five years. But the wait is worthwhile because you get one of the most powerful passports at the end of the road. Remember that you have to hold your investment during this period.

Italian immigration becomes a breeze with the investor visa as it works for everyone and offers an easy route to the residence. You can collaborate with an expert to guide you about getting citizenship in the long run.

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