Denim Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2022

Denim Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2022


Denim has become a clothing essential no wardrobe is complete without. The universally flattering garment is a staple for both men and women. There is no way you can possibly go wrong with a good-fitted, trusty pair of denim jeans. It can be worn during the day or the night, styled up or down, and in casual or formal settings.

Different shades of denim stacked on top of each other
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Back in 1853, during the era of The Gold Rush, Levi Strauss moved to San Francisco to further establish his family’s dry goods business. Amongst the many things he sold, the most popular was the corduroy cotton cloth called Jeane, outsourced from Genoa, Italy. A local tailor named Jacob Davis purchased this material to fulfill a client’s demand for comfortable yet durable and sturdy workwear. Thus, denim jeans were born.

Almost two centuries later, denim has become a clothing essential no wardrobe is complete without. The universally flattering garment is a staple for both men and women. There is no way you can possibly go wrong with a good-fitted, trusty pair of denim jeans. It can be worn during the day or the night, styled up or down, and in casual or formal settings.

Even the most basic outfits can be upgraded by adding trendy denim into the mix. The key lies in utilizing modern-day trends in ways that express your individual style while also flattering your body shape. To help you start 2022 on a fashion-worthy note, we have compiled a list of some denim trends that’ll spice up your wardrobe and make you look a hundred times chicer.

Loose Fit Jeans

Leave the snug, skinny jeans behind in 2021, and opt for the trendier and sleeker lose-fit jeans. Last year Gen Z officially declared skinny denim as the biggest fashion faux pass, making mom jeans and boyfriend jeans the go-to everyday piece for every fashionista out there. Frankly, we can understand the hype. Not only is this trend extremely comfortable but it also flatters almost every body shape out there. For instance, plus size distressed boyfriend jeans are a good option for women looking to accentuate their curves, while our petite girls can opt for a pair of high-waisted mom jeans to elevate their height.

Colored Denim

Remember how as teenagers, we wanted to wear a new color of jeans almost every day? Well, the childhood dream has come true because colored denim will be a top trend of 2022. From pastels and neutrals and bright pops of neon, no color is off the table. It is a quick and easy way to add some fun and youthfulness to your style, elevate basic outfits and express your quirky side.

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But make sure not to overdo the trend or pair colors and patterns that clash with one another. Instead of opting for busy and extra-bright patterns, consider simpler monochromatic prints like stripes or polka dots so that your denim can be the focal point of your outfit. Pair your colored jeans with a basic solid colored top and minimal accessories for a put-together and classy work outfit.

Low Rise Jeans

Like it or not fashion has taken a solid 180. While it usually takes decades for the fashion cycle to come full circle, in less than 20 years, Y2K fashion has managed to hit the shelves once again. While the high-waisted silhouette was adored and loved deeply in the last few years, it’s time to say goodbye.

As the early 2000’s fashion is making a comeback, the ever-controversial low-rise jeans are also back. The style is tricky and difficult to master, but with a little bit of thought and experimenting, you can make it your own. The hack to rocking this trend is to buy a pair that fits well and doesn’t accentuate belly fat when you sit down. Instead of cropped tops, opt for slightly longer shirts and blouses that can be tucked in for a more polished outfit. For a more casual and effortless day-to-day look, grab a graphic tee with rolled sleeves, throw in a chunky belt, and you’re good to go.


With so many over-the-top and extra styles of jeans hitting the stores, there is no excuse to spend 2022 wearing basic outfits. One such example is patchwork denim, inspired by the Japanese art of Boro. This cool trend incorporates more than one color, texture, or type of denim within a single pair, and often designers sow in other fabrics and prints to add a pop of color.

While this innovative idea has given rise to some unique pieces of jeans, it is also a sustainable way to re-work old fabrics and deadstock into trendier modern-day designs. When wearing patchwork, keep the rest of your outfit as simple a possible so that your denim can be the star of the show.

Another trend reminiscent of childhood obsession with sparkles is bedazzled jeans. It’s time to let go of sweats and loungewear and step into the glittering world of embellished jeans, perfect for a night out with the girls. Whether they’re covered in pearls, rhinestones, or sequins, studded or diamante dotted, embellished jeans have become a going-out essential. The fact that all eyes will be on your jeans makes styling them relatively easy. Pair with strappy heels, a bralette, or a corset top, and throw in a cute bag to be the center of attention at any party.

Denim On Denim

This is not a drill; denim on denim has officially returned and with a bang! The trend has been around for a while, but with each passing year is gaining more popularity. If done correctly, double the denim can mean double the wow factor.

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Styling overall denim can be quite tricky, but with a bit of thought and effort, you can master this art. The secret hack is to avoid wearing the same shade from top to bottom. Instead opt for contrasting washes, textures, and different colors for denim. This breaks the outfit and makes it look less like one huge blob of jeans. For instance, a crispy white colored denim with a chambray button-down shirt and nude accessories is the perfect work-day look. You can even opt for denim overalls with a solid-colored tee underneath and throw in some chunky sneakers to channel your inner-relaxed-girl vibes.

Key Takeaway

While trends change from year-to-year, denim is a fashion staple that has been around for ages and isn’t expected to go away anytime soon. Following the trends and sticking to the rules is a sure way to get an outfit that works every time.

But at the end of the day, fashion is intended to be fun. It should be a display of your creative self and reflect your personality. So don’t be afraid to take risks and step out of the box. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next big trendsetter in the fashion industry.

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