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How To Look After Your Wax Jacket

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One option for keeping warm and looking fashionable is to invest in a men’s wax jacket. It’s a wise purchase and one that will last a long time if you are committed to taking good care of it.

Here we’ll dive deeper into what a wax jacket is and reasons to get one yourself as well as how to care for your wax jacket. This way you can ensure you continue to look your best wearing it and that your money is well spent.A Wax Jacket In Detail

One type of coat that has become increasingly popular among the countryside folk and everyday men is a wax jacket. It’s a hip-length piece of outerwear that is similar to that of a raincoat. The jacket contains a paraffin wax coating, which means that it’s water-resistant and rainproof. The best part is that it’s also made of cotton, so it’s quite comfortable to wear.

It’s a purchase you should highly consider if you like spending time outside or in the great outdoors. However, it’s also the perfect everyday jacket to throw on. Although they’ve existed for many years, they’ve recently become more of a fashion statement and a must-have piece of outerwear to own among men.

How To Care For Your Wax Jacket

So, you may now be wondering what options you have for keeping it nice and how you should look after it. You are advised not to wash this type of jacket in the washing machine, so you must review the following tips so that you’re prepared to care for it.

Re-Wax It At Home

You can look after your wax jacket by choosing to re-wax it at home. Invest in the dressing or spray products and then tackle this task on your own time, as it needs cleaning. All you’ll need is to purchase the waxed cotton dressing or the wax cotton reproofing spray and to have some patience. You can follow our step-by-step guide to ensure a successful outcome

Clean It At Home

Another way to care for your wax jacket is to clean it at home. However, remember that you can’t just throw it into the washing machine, which will damage the jacket. Instead, clean it every season using a clean dry soft brush to remove any loose dirt. Next, take a damp sponge and some cold water to it and let it air dry.

Opt For Professional Re-Waxing Services

If you don’t want to spend time cleaning your wax jacket or re-waxing it yourself then know that you can also use a professional re-waxing service. Mallin & Son is a trusted and reputable company that offers re-waxing services to ensure your wax jacket will remain looking like new for years to come and their contact information can be found on this jacket re-waxing services page.

Reasons to Purchase A Wax Jacket

Wax jackets are stylish and versatile so you can purchase one to wear daily or to use and wear on special occasions. They are functional and practical and have a soft and cosy cotton interior, which will keep you warm. The length is perfect for looking fashionable and covering a good portion of your body, and you’ll appreciate that these jackets contain a lot of pockets.


Once you purchase a new wax jacket, it’s wise and important to look after your wax jacket properly. Take these tips into consideration as you wear your coat and try to maintain your wax jacket for the long term. You’ll be happy you were proactive once you see how well it holds up with the proper care.

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