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Cultivating An Online Customer Community Is So Rewarding

Cultivating An Online Customer Community Is So Rewarding

Cultivating An Online Customer Community Is So Rewarding Staff
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How blessed is business today, to be able to have the tools at your disposal that will create your community from the ground up? Social media has truly changed the world in so many ways. No one could have ever guessed how important having a Facebook, Twitter and an Instagram account would be for your business.

Even just 10 years ago, almost nobody could have pictured just how drastically marketing would change for businesses. But here you are, in a time in history when it’s never been easier to connect with your fans, customers and the general consumer.

All of these platforms provide you with the opportunity to impress with graphics, photographs, videos, and simple small comments. Perhaps the single most powerful tool for businesses on social media is having your own consumer community group. What is it and what does it mean?

The inkling of a movement

So long as modern social media has existed, only two examples have ever transformed a business from a run of the mill company to a full-blown movement. Apple was the first. It captivated people’s minds in 2007 when it launched the first iPhone. Facebook was just 3 years old and Twitter was 2 years old. In the infancy of social media, industry experts realized just how powerful these two respective platforms were for the modern business. Suddenly, Apple was being talked about all over the world by millions of users. Pictures and videos of customers actually using the product could be seen by consumers that were either teetering towards buying or just curious. This is the first thing you need to absorb; social media can start movements. It can transform your business into a social phenomenon.

More chatter the better

In the age of social media, don’t underestimate the power of chit-chat. The simple act of getting your customers to talk about you, ask different questions, expressing their opinions and generally just keeping your brand name on their minds, is extremely powerful. You’re living in their head, rent-free. That’s why you need to create a Facebook group, that allows users to create topics and threads to talk about their positive and negative opinions regarding your products and services. Here’s how to promote facebook group without making the 3 most common mistakes. Don’t focus on too much self-promotion or else it will feel like an online billboard rather than a discussion board. Figure out what kinds of topics customers and clients want to talk about and start a discussion yourself.

Real-world meetups

The reason why you should start social media groups is that it can always translate into real-world benefits. Run a competition online through your groups, and then invite the winners and runners up to a real-life event. It would make for the perfect marketing opportunity for your groups, social media accounts, and generally good public relations as well.

When businesses can cultivate their own customer communities, they have a small chance of turning them into social movements and amassing untold power and influence in the world.

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