Creative Ideas For Indoor Moss Walls

Creative Ideas For Indoor Moss Walls


Have you ever noticed that there has been a change when you are outside? Absolutely, fresh air outside, and most importantly, those green plants can instantly improve our boring and dreary moods. Without any exaggeration, some people prefer to drive hundreds of kilometers away to the country park. But how about creating an indoor moss wall in commercial space? Here are some ideas for you to take this into account.

Stylish armchair with a green moss wall
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Have you ever noticed that there has been a change when you are outside? Absolutely, fresh air outside, and most importantly, those green plants can instantly improve our boring and dreary moods. Without any exaggeration, some people prefer to drive hundreds of kilometers away to the country park. But how about creating an indoor moss wall in your home or a commercial space? Here are some ideas for you to take a look at and become inspire.

What Is A Moss Wall?

Moss wall in a dining room with hanging lights

Moss naturally grows on rocks or shadow humid places and hardly needs sunlight. In nature, moss is home to insects, and serves as food for wild animals as well as protection for plants.

Actually, a moss wall is an artwork wall that consists of moss whether is real, preserved or fake. For one thing, some overseas distributors often purchase natural moss that has gone through the preservation process. Because this process can not only prolong the indoor moss wall life but also require limited maintenance. Besides, the preserved moss itself is able to provide endless options in light of easiness to arrange to fit the slice or wall. For another thing, some may choose fake moss wall due to zero maintenance in a real sense. Specifically, the fake moss is free from direct sunlight or humidity with a long storage warranty throughout the year.

Know The Benefits Of Moss Walls

Moss wall in a bedroom

In fact, an indoor moss wall is more than an additional decoration for commercial space. Once come into application, they will improve interior air quality, reduce noise pollution, further promote physical and mental health. What’s more, they are able to cut down the commercial space energy expenses.

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They Contribute To Cleaner Air

Preserved moss is so great as an indoor plant that it continuously cleans the air. Similar to real green plants, the moss absorbs carbon dioxide and pollutants (including volatile organic compounds) in the air. In this way, the moss converts all the nausea into biomass that keeps itself healthy.

They Decrease Noise Pollution

With regard to installation strategy, moss walls are able to dampen sound, so as to reduce noise pollution. It proves that most of natural plants helps reduce environmental sound up to 5 decibels. Besides, it is said that the dense and spongy reindeer moss wall is an excellent sound insulation contributor. In view of efficiency in suppressing mid-to-high frequency noise, real or preserved moss is beneficial to noisy commercial space.

They Promote Physical & Mental Health

It’s essential to spend time on green plants because humidity control improves dry skin which results in aging and wrinkles. Meanwhile, moss walls interiors make it faster for bodies that suffer from wounds and diseases. Regarding mental health, when embraced by the greenery surrounding, people’s productivity, creativity and spirit will absolutely increase to an extent.

They Help With Energy Efficiency

Nowadays, whether for residential and commercial occasions, people are in pursuit of sustainability. Indeed, the moss is perfect for heating and cooling, as a result, reducing utility consumption. At the same time, a moss wall helps stabilize humidity as it absorbs water in the air. According to the data, the interior humidity keeps between 40% and 60%.

How To Decide Which Type Of Moss To Use

Moss walls are able to turn dark spaces and concrete walls into lush green landscaping, which has gained much polarity. As a result, you may create your home or commercial DIY moss wall from the following aspects.

Examples of different wall moss types

Regularly, you have to consider what type of indoor moss wall you need, living, preserved, reindeer or even fake. But for indoors, we don’t advise you to use living moss on contrast to other types. This is because the moss on the wall needs constant moisture to keep alive and maintain. Therefore, unless you are a specialist or architect, we recommend that you choose preserved moss (reindeer) or artificial moss wall.

Why Preserved Moss Or Reindeer Moss?

In light of this kind of moss which is actually stabilized rather than alive, it requires almost no upkeep work. After dehydration, conventional moss or reindeer moss will preserve the original look and easily turn into parts of commercial decorations. With regard to preserved moss wholesale, Sunwing has listed some relevant issues you may be interested.


What’s The Difference Between Reindeer And Other Mosses?

As a matter of fact, reindeer moss is really not a moss. It’s precisely because it causes misunderstanding in its name as well as looks like somewhat moss in appearance. On the contrary, reindeer moss is a light-colored kind of lichen. “As the common names suggest, reindeer lichen is an important food for reindeer (caribou), and has economic importance as a result.” (Source from: Wikipedia)

How Do You Maintain An Indoor Moss Wall?

As you may know, real moss usually needs indoor humidity around 40% so it can absorb water in the air. But for some spaces that can’t meet the requirement, natural moss hardly to survive in this condition. While preserved plants moss wall doesn’t rely on water, so it saves much time and won’t damage the wall.

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However, you must remember two highlight points concerning the preservation- cleaning dust regularly and keeping away from direct sunlight. Both real and preserved moss are likely to fade, dry out or even get burned under the sun.

How Long Will A Moss Wall Last?

It usually tends to last over 5 years for interiors. Of course, as long as individuals take the precautions into account, it will last with additional life with 10, 15 and even 25 years. Especially in the indoor environment, compared to the outdoor changeable climate, it can last longer without fading.

Artificial Moss

Although fake moss is not real but artificial, it has a longer lifespan than natural moss in commercial settings. On one hand, it doesn’t lead to effects caused by light or humidity, whereas is durable in the long run. On the other hand, moss that is artificial also has the advantages of no need watering and wide application range. Especially, faux wall moss is even suitable as an interior doormat, which is not possible with reindeer moss. In regard to fake moss manufacturers, Sunwing provides with soft nylon wool material, which appears lifelike and touches real.

Choose Which Color

Colourful wall moss design

Indeed, with the application of professional reactive dyes, the colors range from green, yellow to nearly 10 pure hues. In this way, some of you may choose to form a rainbow to design and create an indoor moss wall. In most occasions, moss in 10 conventional colors can be up to the needs of daily or commercial users.

Single Or Mixed Colors

For non-professional entrepreneurs, color cannot be the decided factor for purchasing large quantities of moss. However, it is essential to know how to apply color collocation in the interior, especially commercial space. For instance, if the interior color is generally dark, then the moss choice of similar color system becomes suitable integration. Otherwise, choose similar pure color or mixed light colors, indoor accessories are in solid and light color with white walls. Of course, for the office environment, select bright colored moss in order to improve enthusiasm and good moods at work.

Select The Fitting Form Of Wall Moss

Indeed, Sunwing manufactures at least two kinds of moss walls that can fit well in the interior space.

Sheet Moss

One of the green indoor moss walls is in the shape of common sheet, easy to install on the wall. Owing to the increasing demand for home or properties improvement, the interior moss has become a trendy substitute for wallpaper. According to needs of convenient assembling, 50cm x 50cm mat is easy to arrange within few steps.

Based on the existing backdrop, it’s convenient to splice these moss wall panels together and assemble them onto the wall.

Moss Frame

The lush green preserved moss integrates with the frame, perfectly functions as a work of art. When sitting in your office or walking along the stairs, individuals can feel the freshness of nature, which is a wonderful thing. However, you ought to understand that although through preservation, be careful when storing it. Try to keep away from indoor environments with high humidity and temperature, so as to maintain for a longer time. For one thing, the sizes of frames can be custom, 25cm, 30cm and 50cm are all available. At the same time, larger sizes can meet the needs of large projects.

For another thing, circular, triangular or rectangular shaped frames are also alternatives for you to choose.

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Wide Applications Of DIY Moss Walls

Moss Used As Text On A Wall

When it comes to green wall plants, the indoor moss wall creates a special space for interior companies and properties. For companies that want to enjoy the benefits of greenery but worry about floor space, moss walls are great choices. On the whole, moss adds both color and unique design elements to the halls, meeting rooms, corridors, or reception areas. All in all, the greenery wall provides strong visual effects on the building and working environment. Besides, incorporating a living plants wall into a bio-amenity design can help improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and other workplace problems.

It has been a trend for using vertical moss garden to create a stylish DIY outlet improvement project. It is especially popular for owners’ apartments, urban residences and rental properties due to easy arrangement without soil. Would you like to make a design plan or select your target indoor moss wall? Grab this moss wall tiles catalog or contact Sunwing without hesitation now.

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