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4 Things That Ruin Your Kerb Appeal

4 Things That Ruin Your Kerb Appeal

4 Things That Ruin Your Kerb Appeal Staff
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If you’re in the process of selling your home, you’ve probably got a list of small repair and home improvement jobs you want to do before inviting buyers to visit. Everybody knows that a clean bathroom can dramatically improve the price offer, even if the equipment isn’t brand new.

Most buyers accept that the kitchen and bathrooms are typically the rooms that will require additional investment as they move in. However, while the cost of home improvements can sometimes be deducted from the final offer on the house, when you give your rooms a clean-up and a fresh coat of paint and sealant between the tiles, you can immediately boost your value by up to £10,000.

Unfortunately, if you’ve forgotten the essential garden and kerb appeal in your prep to go to the market, your property may not attract the price offers you expect – despite the enhancements made indoors. You don’t need to be a professional landscaper to give your outdoors some much-needed love.

Garden with paving slab path

A paved path keeps the mud away

That patio is filthy

Your patio and drive are the first elements that visitors are going to notice. You might have cleared the path from dried out leaves and dead insects, but there’s only so much you can do with a broom. It’s worth hiring a pressure washing service to revive your outdoors before a visit. A clean patio can make a great deal of difference!

Your extension is a waste of space

Semi-conservatory extensions are popular. However, many buyers are becoming conscious of insulation issues and layout difficulties. You need to make it a priority to prove them wrong by making the most of your extension ahead of their visits. While it’s a significant investment, swapping the windows and skylights for brand new models that keeps the air out while letting the light in will make the space feel welcoming and cosy even from the outside. Don’t be afraid to decorate the conservatory, by moving your favourite chairs and cushions in there to create an additional room for receiving guests.

Eek, the garden is so muddy

Ultimately, nobody can control the weather. It’s fair to say that our gardens can go through a lot during a lousy summer. While you can cater for extreme dryness, managing rainy weather can be a lot trickier. Indeed, when the soil can’t absorb the rain, the garden becomes a muddy path. You can, however, help to tackle the issue by building a paved stone path that will let guests and visitors access the house without damaging their shoes.

Get those windows shining again

Clean windows let the sunlight in and make everything at home feel fresh and inviting. More importantly, you can’t hide the fact that your windows are dirty when the sun hits them. Stains and dust are visible both from guests inside your home and from visitors who are approaching the property. In other words, you don’t have any choice. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get those windows squeaky clean. You can achieve wonders with only a bucket of soapy water. One word of advice, though: if you are unsure about working at heights, you can hire a professional window cleaner instead!


Window cleaner

Nailing the first impression can be challenging for first-time sellers. Your kerb appeal, however, can help to put buyers in a favourable position about your property. Getting it right can not only speed up the sale but also boost the price.

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