Could You Be A Problem Neighbour? Here’s 3 Reasons Why You Might Be


It’s important to maintain a good relationship with your neighbours and not just because you may want to borrow a cup of sugar either – conflicts with your streetmates can have serious implications for reselling your home, and even your health. In this article we take a look at whether it’s your neighbours that are the problem or if there are some things you’re doing that could be contributing to a bad situation

Could You Be A Problem Neighbour? Here's 3 Reasons Why You Might Be
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Have you noticed a number of ‘for sale’ signs going up around your neighbourhood recently? Do the people next door look at you with a scowl and a harsh frown? Chances you, without you even knowing it, you may be a problem neighbour. ‘But I never do anything wrong,’ we hear you telling yourself, but take a look at the following pointers. While you would never want to be classified as the proverbial ‘neighbour from hell,’ it may be that your neighbours think differently.

You’re Loud

Noisy neighbours are the worst of all, and as we said, you might not even realise you are creating a problem. 90% of noise escapes through doors and windows, and if you live in a terraced house or an apartment, the sounds you make could carry through the walls. From a tv with the volume turned up high, to the sound of your stereo surround system blasting out music, you may be giving your neighbours a headache. So, what can you do about it? For starters, turn down your appliances, and respect the quiet other people crave. You can also soundproof your home, with double-glazed windows and doors, and soundproofing foam is useful for particularly noisy rooms. Hint: if you can hear your next door neighbours, you know they can hear you.

Your Dogs Are A Menace

We aren’t saying you shouldn’t have a dog, as they do make wonderful pets after all. However, they can still create a problem for the people living near you.

For starters, if you leave your dogs at home alone for long periods, your four-legged friends may be howling, barking, and whining while you are out. The noise will be carried further if you leave them outside, but even inside your house, their noise may disrupt your neighbour’s peace and quiet. But what can be done? If you are at work a lot of the time, ask a friend or a neighbour (if they are still speaking to you) to come and sit with the dogs for a while as the company can help with excessive dog barking, or they can take them for a short walk while you are out. Should they cause an issue while you are at home, the information here may help you.

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Of course, noise isn’t the only issue your neighbours may have with your dogs. If you allow your dog to foul the pavements, you are committing an offence legally, as well as socially. Do the right thing and always pick up your dog’s poop, and make sure you carry plenty of poop bags with you so you’re not taken short when out on a walk. It’s not a pleasant job but it is necessary.

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Your Home And Garden Are A Mess

It doesn’t matter if the inside of your home is untidy, but if the exterior is a mess, you may be single-handedly bringing down house prices with your lack of care. If your garden is an overgrown jungle, and your walls are in a state of disrepair, your neighbour is going to struggle to sell their house when they try and escape from you. You will find it hard to sell your house too. Therefore, do something about it. Have a look at our garden plans for starters, and then start to make any repairs where needed. With a bit of work, your home may actually outshine that of your next-door neighbours, although neighbourly relations may still suffer because of their envy!


We all need good neighbours, so make sure you are respectful of the people who live around you. One day you may need their help, so it’s worth making friends rather than bitter enemies. If you have a problem neighbour yourself, speak to them about it, as they may not realise they are causing a problem for you. There are also hints and tips here which you may find useful if they are particularly troublesome.

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