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Cosy Up This Winter

Cosy Up This Winter

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The wintery months are here and with them, the need to keep warm and be cosy. If your living room is anything like the above, chances are you will not need to do much to it for this to be a comfortable space where you can read, watch television and have guests over without having cold hands or feet. If it isn’t, then it’s time to start thinking of ways to make this key living space more habitable during the chilly months.

Invest In Cosy Furniture

Aside from decorating a space, furniture can keep you warm or make you feel cold, depending on the materials a furnished piece has been made of. A leather sofa, for example, will give you more comfort than one made with synthetic materials and will make you feel warmer the longer you sit on it. Himolla is a well established name in the furniture world. A mixture of the concepts ‘heavenly’, ‘cosy’ and ‘pleasant’ in German, the firm produces high-quality furniture that will keep you warm this winter and give your living room a more stylish feel all year round.

Fabrics, Fabrics, Fabrics

It’s a well-known fact that layers add warmth to our bodies, but an often overlooked one too. It is commonplace to see a beautifully large living room that has very few fabrics in it and this can result in the space getting colder faster. In order to ensure your living room keeps and stays warm, invest in any of these beautiful fabrics to cover your old chairs and give your home a more contemporary feel as well as keeping it warmer for when you come back from all that Christmas shopping.

Buy Colourful Contemporary Art

Contemporary art not only has the power to lift our moods, but hanging paintings from walls is another great way of keeping a living room warm. Furthermore, having a busier arrangement in the living space will create the impression of it being warmer than it is. Why not have a look at these beautiful prints and see if any of them catches your eye? This could be the perfect Christmas gift from you to well…YOU!

Fireplace, Anyone?

Ultimately, you might decide to add a fireplace to your home and if this is the case, the good news is that fireplaces can be added to existing homes. Before you start calling in the fireplace experts, however, do some research and find out what building regulations are like in your area. Contact the council and enquire about this, and if you can, have your answer written on paper in order to avoid any future misunderstandings. Once you have done this, decide on what fuel source you are likely to go for and voilà…you can now get on the phone provided you have some idea of what your fireplace should look like!

Want to stay in and catch up on your reading this winter? Invest in the above and you will turn your cave into a five-star suite!

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