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Well Being

July 21, 2020

Nobody likes to feel like they’re being left out of the conversation. While you may be able to get by without much football knowledge most of the time, there are certain periods where it can begin to feel like it’s holding you back. So perhaps now is the time to learn. While most football fans become interested in the sport when they’re younger, there’s no rule that says that you can’t fall in love with football later on in life. … Read More »


July 20, 2020 by Katlyn Phelps

With a recent survey discovering that 47% of Americans aren't wearing pants during their working day, and only around half will brush their hair or wash their face before a video call, you may be forgiven for thinking that all previous advice about professional appearances and dress codes is a thing of the past. However, that’s not the case. While remote working can certainly mean a more relaxed approach in some respects, your appearance is still connected to your productivity.  … Read More »


July 16, 2020 by Thomas Simon

Working with a flexible schedule has a lot of advantages, but to get such a position is not easy (and for some professional areas in impossible). To have a dream job, you need to perfectly master some basic skills. You need a job to earn money and take care of your family, but because of your job you are so busy that you cannot spend enough time with your loved ones. Or you have a great job, but you spend two hours every day to get to it. Is this situation familiar? … Read More »

House & Home

July 10, 2020

Sleep expert, luxury bedding and professional interior designer Jennifer Adams is back to answer your questions and provide some helpful advice! Today, Jennifer responds to a reader’s question about tips and strategies for how to best tackle the ongoing challenge of keeping her home neat and clea … Read More »

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