Boosting Mental Health When Working From Home


Today’s challenging times made everyone more stressed than ever. What can remote workers do to take better care of their mental health during the new normal?

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The pandemic caught many workers off-guard after their companies suddenly had them working from home. One might think this is the ideal setup with the pandemic and all. But after a while, some started realizing that working from home is nowhere easy.

One may not have a family and young kids to take care of while working from home. But that does not make things easier. With all the social distancing and other health and safety rules, the added pressure of working from home continues to take a toll on one’s mental health.

Keeping up with your physical health is one way to ensure your mental health won’t suffer. But there are other ways you can improve mental well-being while working and quarantining from home. Here are three secrets that can help you boost your mental health when working remotely during the new normal.


Be Honest

Being honest with yourself, your loved ones, and your boss is a good way to improve mental health. There is no point behind hiding under the façade that you are well and thriving. Tell them how you really feel and let them know if you need help.

Talk to yourself and be honest with your feelings and emotions. Confront yourself on what you can comfortably handle. Rest if you need and give yourself enough time to recuperate.

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Reach out to loved ones and ask how they are coping. When asked the same question, allow yourself to be vulnerable. You will be surprised that you are not alone, considering the situation we are facing today.

Let your boss know if you can arrange for a more flexible schedule while working from home. You might need to take care of your loved ones during the day and can work more productively at night. It won’t hurt to check if they can make arrangements for as long as the company will benefit from the new setup.

Don’t forget to reach out to a pro if needed. This can be a great choice if you are not keen on reaching out to your loved ones about your current mental state. The pros will never judge you but will make sure you have someone to rely on during these unprecedented days.

Reevaluate Your Financial Situation

One reason many people are stressed out during the crisis is due to personal financial reasons. One might have lost another source of income, with their savings being insufficient for their daily bills. Others might be having a hard time coping financially after using online shopping as a scapegoat.

If you are having a hard time financially, then it is time you try to find ways to change all that. You could try looking for another remote job as an additional income. You can also check areas where you can reduce your monthly dues to boost your savings.

For instance, you can consider refinancing to reduce your monthly mortgage. You can choose to consolidate debt if this will lower your monthly dues. There’s also the option to tighten your budget so that you can save more each month.

Improving your finances is one good way to reduce your stress. The less financially stressed you are, the easier it will be for you to think clearly and concentrate when working. You tend to become more productive when you are free from financial stress.

Learn To Respectfully Let Go

People often hold on to the things that make them feel bad for fear of missing out. They don’t welcome change because their minds are filled with doubts. You will only continue to live in discontent, unhappiness, and stress if you don’t learn to say goodbye to the things that make you unhappy.

Many people who work from home find themselves working more hours than they did before working remotely. For some, this is due to their tendency to procrastinate, failure to create boundaries, and isolating themselves. Learn to let go of the things that impact your happiness and productivity, and you will thrive even as a remote worker.

Set boundaries between work and your personal life. Talk to your loved ones or roommates and tell them to avoid distracting you while you work. Reduce other distractions from your home office and have set working hourseach day.

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Let go of people that are only stressing you out. This could be a coworker who keeps on bugging you while you work. Mute their notifications and only talk to them while you are on a break.

If you find that your remote job is your main stressor, consider your options. You can ask for a break if you think that is all you need. If you think the last and best resort is quitting and finding another job, consider finding another one before quitting.


Remember that in today’s unprecedented world, your mental health matters the most. Stop telling yourself that you are fine even if you are not. Recognize your stressors, find ways to address them, and start improving your mental well-being.

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