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Bathrooms 101: Renovating On A Budget

Bright bathroom with mirror and shower

Bathrooms 101: Renovating On A Budget

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When we are thinking of doing some renovations to our pad, the room that most often gets overlooked is the bathroom. We spend little time here and see it as nothing more than a place to have a quick shower.

However, with some simple renovation techniques, you can >make your bathrooms look new and create the boutique hotel look that will have you taking long hot soaks in the tub surrounded by scented candles.

You’ll begin to see your bathroom more as a room that promotes peace and calmness. Take a look at these simple ways that you can make your bathroom more luxurious on a budget.

Four Piece

If you have the money and space, consider making that three-piece suite into a four piece. The addition of a separate shower cubicle is the height of luxury. Rain head showers alongside the regular attachments within double showers mean that you can forget about the two minute in and out – you’ll be making the most of your shower time! While four-piece suites might sound expensive, consider heading down to your local bathroom showroom to check out the ex-display models. This can be a great way to get over half of the recommended retail price off your purchase. The suite will still be in exceptional condition, it will just have been on display for a few months.

Walls And Flooring

The ultimate luxury in a bathroom is floor to ceiling tiles. You don’t have to go and source bespoke Italian marble tiles for your bathroom, unless you have a small fortune hidden under your bed. Instead, go down to the local DIY store and check out their latest offerings. You could opt for the chunky and large mock stone tiles, or you might prefer a mosaic pattern for your room. You could go modern and sleek with monochrome touches, or you might prefer the traditional blue hue. It might go without saying, but getting waterproof material is crucial. If you don’t have waterproof bathroom wall panels in the shower area, you will be replacing all these in a matter of years, with great expense!

If you are struggling with your budget, you could consider getting a loan without a guarantor in the short term to cover your renovations. This means you don’t have to rely on credit and you will know exactly how to budget your scheme of works. For your flooring, forget about the heavy slate, and go for a more practical linoleum that is infinitely cheaper but that can create the same style.

Modern bathroom with large window

Image credit Pexels – CC0 Licence


Our bathrooms tend to be the tiniest room in our homes. If yours in on the cozy side, think about putting up some mirrors. These will help bounce the available natural light that you do have across the room. With added LEDs rather than strip lighting, the hue that you create will be warm rather than stark, and the vibe in the room will remain relaxing. There’s nothing worse than having to squint while you are enjoying your bubble bath. Space needs to be created within a bathroom, so utilize the light and create an illusion.

When embarking on home renovations, it can be easy to let your budget run away with you. Follow this guide and you will have your dream bathroom without breaking the bank.

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