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6 Tips For A Backyard Glow Throughout The Year

Garden with bird feeder in background

6 Tips For A Backyard Glow Throughout The Year

If you are unsatisfied with the way your backyard looks right now, do not despair, the most important this is that you own such a desirable plot of land. It could have been disused for years but you can always spruce it up and restore its former glare to last you throughout the year. Summer barbecues don’t have to be the only activity that would take place here, as the improvements you install will dictate the way the garden is used in the future.

What will the yard be used for?

Like a large municipal sports hall, the backyard is a multipurpose “venue”. It doesn’t have to serve a single purpose but then again, you need to know which services exactly it will serve. This is important because if you decide to dig a swimming pool, that means you will run out of room for a soccer pitch.

Like in life, planning is the key to creating a backyard space comfortable enough to spend time in. If you are planning for a water feature to be installed, then a tap is necessary or if you are planning to dine outside, then a dining table should be acquired.

Children and backyard amusement

Kids jumping into paddling pool

Once you determine which features you would like to see in your spruced up backyard, it is time to decide who will have access to the backyard. As a loving parent, you are, your children will have full access to the backyard. That means that you’ll have to build something for their amusement, like a treehouse or a splash pad. Furthermore, if you own pets, then the decision needs to be made whether they can go out in the backyard. This is important because of animal excrement that some homeowners find intolerable in their living quarters.

Fencing out the backyard

Faded white picket fence

Once you start building the improvements from wooden pallet design in Vaughan, you are bound to realize that there must exist a certain level of privacy to enjoy sunbathing next to the pool, for example. Your old fence was never built with total privacy in mind so you should mend it before proceeding with the backyard makeover.

In addition, you can plant a hedge along the fence facing the street or the road. Not only will it increase the level of privacy but it will establish a green barrier that will prevent dust and noise pollution from disrupting the lazy rhythm of the backyard.

Protection from above

bamboo awning

Apart from the walls, the fence, and a green barrier, your backyard could use from some protection from above. Besides keeping your activities private from that nosy parker of neighbor, a simple shade cloth will help protect the garden from strong sunlight. Such shading solutions like the Rainbow shade cloth will allow you to spend time outdoors even during the warmest days of summer without having to worry about getting sunburnt. What’s more, the kids will love these sleek looking shades that come in a variety of colors, from charcoal to zesty lime.

Using the fire pit in the rain?

A neat addition to every backyard that will literally make it glow is a fire pit. It is fairly easy and inexpensive to construct because you can source stone from the ground in your backyard. Once the fire pit is u and running, i.e. burning, all you need are marshmallows to roast and stories to tell during long autumnal nights. However, you are probably thinking that the fire pit will only be useful when the weather is fair. If you add a simple glass casing over the fire pit, it can actually keep you warm in light rain as well.

A backyard pond

We’ve mentioned earlier how an outside tap is a great thing to have. You can attach a swimming pool, a fountain or a splash pad to it. However, one of the best water features you can have is a small pond. It is fairly easy to make as all you need is a shallow hole in the ground layered with a large plastic sheet. Once you fill the pond with water, expect the sound of crickets to soon fill the night sky above your backyard.

Merely owning a backyard is not nearly enough because you have to make good use of it. The 6 tips we have listed here will help you create a backyard that will maintain its glow throughout the year (and years to come).

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