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Lerone is a writer, comedian, and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles with his lovely wife. After covering news and writing stories for a large daily newspaper for 4 years, he left to bet on himself and chase his dreams. When he’s not performing at places like The World Famous Comedy Store, or chiming in as a regular contributor on Dash Radio’s “Mayhem and Token Show”, Lerone is most likely reading a good book, working on his health and fitness, or tackling his next big writing project or business endeavor.

Well Being

4 Health And Wellness Hacks To Skyrocket Your Productivity And Efficiency

May 28, 2018 By Lerone Graham

You might think that work life, personal life, health and financial situation are all separate pockets that don't have any bearing on each other. Not so says Lerone Graham who argues they are all intertwined and in order to manage one, you need a solid foundation to manage all of them. In this article we look at how you can build these foundations to skyrocket your productivity.…more »

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