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4 Health And Wellness Hacks To Skyrocket Your Productivity And Efficiency

4 Health And Wellness Hacks To Skyrocket Your Productivity And Efficiency

4 Health And Wellness Hacks To Skyrocket Your Productivity And Efficiency

When you want to become master of your domain as it pertains to your work, personal life, finances and health, you will quickly see that they all tie into the other. You need to set a foundation and create an environment that makes you the best version of yourself.

This is a holistic matter in which every part of your life carries over into the other, so you need to figure out the strategies that will strengthen your confidence, relationships and goals.

With this in mind, consider the four points below and use them as motivation and strategy to superpower your life.

Own Your Mornings With A Few Rituals

The best things that you can do for your life is to think your own thoughts and feel your own feelings first thing every morning, before going on with your day.

This sounds simple, but with the way we live today, most don’t even get a few minutes of their own. Medical studies show that due to technology and fast paced living, our attention spans are a mere 8 seconds.

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Think about it. Currently, what’s the first thing you do when you roll out of bed?

If you are like most people, you grab your phone. Rather than be at the effect of the noise of the world, take some time to journal, pray, meditate, or simply have some quiet time of your own before you open yourself up to the world.

For some people, it could be yoga or a morning jog. For others, it might simply involve sitting on the backyard deck and enjoying some morning sunshine.

Regardless of what puts you in a peaceful and positive state, figure it out and hold it sacred as a morning routine.

Hydrate And Fuel Intelligently

Hydration is another dead-end that people run into when it comes to either making the most out of their day or letting the day get away from them.

In fact, some 75% of us are chronically dehydrated. This amounts to more than simple workout cramps — dehydration shuts your brain down, makes you lethargic, lowers your mood and can even make you depressed.

From Passion To Profit

Conversely, when you drink plenty of water each day, you’ll feel revitalized and like your brain is your ally, not a liability.

Water aside, you’ll need to fuel your body with vitamins and nutrients that keep you engaged and motivated to produce. You can make juices and smoothies as a life hack, since they give you the chance to include fresh veggies and fruits that are filling and holistically healthy.

This way, you won’t start snacking on unhealthy foods to fight back your cravings.

Aggressively Correct Your Flaws

It’s one thing to know your flaws, and another entirely to address them. Since life is nothing but a rough draft that you’re continuously attempting to correct, you need to make it your mission to work on them a little at a time.

For instance, if you’re having trouble with public speaking, talk to yourself, create presentations, and read aloud in front of the mirror each and every day. If you’re having trouble waking up without hitting the snooze button, set your alarm up outside of your bedroom so that you’re forced to get up to and walk around a bit before cutting it off.

The main point is that since your health is holistic, so too are your flaws. Meaning that carelessness you show in one part of your life can, and will, show up in other, often important areas of your life.

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Make Moving Your Body The Foundation

Finally, it’s important that you become used to getting outside and moving your body around.

This doesn’t mean you have to become a gym rat, just get used to regularly breaking a sweat, exerting your muscles and speeding up your heart. Developing this discipline will work wonders in your everyday life and will allow you to think clearly, wear an infectious smile and carry a positive mood into every aspect of your business and personal life.

So there it is: use these tips as a solid foundation and you absolutely can’t go wrong.

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Lerone is a writer, comedian, and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles with his lovely wife. After covering news and writing stories for a large daily newspaper for 4 years, he left to bet on himself and chase his dreams. When he’s not performing at places like The World Famous Comedy Store, or chiming in as a regular contributor on Dash Radio’s “Mayhem and Token Show”, Lerone is most likely reading a good book, working on his health and fitness, or tackling his next big writing project or business endeavor.
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