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My name is Chris Hennessey and I am part of the Startup Type Studio. We are developing a text based video editor that runs in your browser. I joined the marketing team this year. My main task is to create content around video editing and especially content about Type Studio. In general I have a great passion for new tech products and am always looking to develop new tools.
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Is The Future Of Content Focused Video Editing Text-Based?

March 7, 2021 By Chris Hennessey

Type Studio is a Berlin, Germany based Startup which was founded in 2020. Type Studio is developing a new approach to edit a video. It is called text-based video editing. You basically edit the video by editing the transcribed text. In previous video editors, the editing is usually done in a timeline. The rise of artificial intelligence in the form of speech recognition makes text-based video editing possible. …more »

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