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On a quest to help professionals across the world land their dream jobs, Aditya lives and breathes Hiration - a platform to help job-seekers find their way in the treacherous job market - where he’s a Co-Founder and the unofficial CPO (Chief Problem-solving Officer). He likes to code away his days and nights when he’s not busy disrupting the career space.
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How To Schedule Emails When Applying For A Job

December 7, 2021 By Aditya Sharma

The current job hunting process is much more simplified and conversational than it was a decade ago. It has definitely gotten a lot more hectic and stressful, with the boom in job openings and career paths, but the whole process is a bit more transparent. As most of the conversations around job acceptance are done via email, it is important to know when and how to approach your prospective employer.…more »

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