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7 Solutions To Avert The Challenges In Your Online Printing Business That Are Posed By COVID-19

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7 Solutions To Avert The Challenges In Your Online Printing Business That Are Posed By COVID-19

It was unprecedented that a virus could quarantine half the world in their homes and halt economies and businesses around the world! It was unprecedented that people would hesitate from shaking hands and it was also truly unprecedented that corporate enterprises would stop investing in the marketing and entertainment industry would stop printing marketing and display collaterals that are essential for promotions!

On a lighter note, no one ever thought that even the word ‘unprecedented’ will be used so many times to describe these unprecedented situations! Puns aside, the world is witnessing a new normal and the times for doing minimal or doing nothing is not an option anymore. For instance, the entertainment industry has shifted from theatres to OTT platforms and corporate enterprises have shifted from outdoor promotional and store sales to digital marketing and home deliveries respectively, it is now time Printing Industry comes out of the shadows and avert the crisis created by the novel Coronavirus.

The Essentials To Revive A Printing Business

While it has become essential for Printing Businesses to have an established virtual presence and to integrate a web to print solution to cope with the demand of customized products from individuals and corporate enterprises, print shop owners face many other challenges such as acquiring new customers and exploring new business verticals to cover the gap created by the lost business. To help you with that, we have noted below 7 solutions that can help any online print business to avert the new challenges that are posed by the Coronavirus.

7 Solutions To Avert The Challenges In Your Online Printing Business That Are Posed By COVID-19

1. Adapt to the market trends

If you look at the recent Printing Industry scenario, there have been many trends that have surged in the industry. For instance, the 3D printers have started producing customized PPE kits using the 3D product configuration tool, there has been an increased demand of Fundraiser t-shirts that are delivered using T-shirt designer software and there also is a high demand of Customised mask that are delivered with a web-to-print software! Thus, you must cope with these market trends and start producing products that are high in demand.

2. Market Research And Competitor Analysis

Apart from trending products, many other questions need to be answered! For instance, people are charging premium now for quick deliveries, many Covid promotions are going on in the industry and there are also new product categories introduced! You must do a thorough market about the changes and promotions that are executed by your competitors in the market and also try to understand how they manage their business operations.

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3. Promotions And Discounts

While the purchasing power of the customers has curbed but even during these times, people always value a good deal and thus, promotions are essential to grow your printing business. But instead of only focusing on product discounts and curbing your profit margin, you can also focus on other aspects! For instance, people are rooting now for those platforms that ensure guaranteed and quick deliveries. Because of the Coronavirus precautions, shipping has been a problem and if you could partner with local printers and ensure quick delivery, you can not only have an extended reach but you can also charge a premium for quick deliveries!

Apart from that, you can also provide free access to your web-to-print design products to your customers so that they can create customized products and place a bulk order with you! In this manner, you can attract new customers and ensure that you get bulk orders from your customers!

4. Delivering Cloud-Enabled Digital Workflow Services

Contactless deliveries and online sales are the essentials as discussed! But it is also essential that customers and associate partners can get access to your products and services anytime anywhere! Thus, when you integrate various printing tools and services on your digital platforms, it is essential that your services are cloud-enabled and your orders can be tracked and processed in a digital workflow!

From Passion To Profit

Ensure that your vendors and partners can access, process and track orders from a digital platform that is cloud-enabled and also ensure that your web to print software can be accessed by your customers on a cloud platform and once their design is ready it can be easily printed using print-ready outputs.

5. Leverage Social Media

One of the quickest and most effective ways to reach your target audience of new or old print products is via Social Media! All the social media platforms have witnessed a surge in the number of active users and you can easily use that to your advantage with social media marketing. Prepare a plan and budget that includes both organic and paid marketing and use your web-to-print software to integrate products directly on your social media platforms.

6. Customer Experience Personalization With Web-To-Print

Personalized customer experiences are one of the biggest factors that can make your platforms people’s favorite! Ensure that you can deliver personalized product feed and discounts and overall experiences to all your customers that visit your online print store. The easiest way to deliver personalized and customized products to your customers for instance is by integrating a custom web2print solution that aligns with your business needs and your customer expectations.

7. Sell And Adapt Customized Print Products:

Customized products are one of the most raging trends of the Printing Industry! Whether you provide B2B print solutions or you serve the open market, there is a high demand for customized products and it is not going to fade anytime soon! For instance, enterprises around the world need brand-specific Coronavirus communication collaterals and they are in high demand everywhere!

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Customized product demands by enterprises include:

  • Floor stickers/ Floor graphics (can be created easily with web-to-print software)
  • Banners and signage (Banner design software)
  • Decals and signage (Signboard design solution)
  • Labels and stickers (Sticker designer tool)
  • Packaging prints (Product designer tool)

Apart from that, one of the most trending products in the open market is personalized Face Masks! Printers are allowing customers to create personalized masks with images, text, clipart and other such things with the use of Web to print software.

The times are tough and businesses are having hard times coping with all the unpredictable changes that are going on in this world due to the novel Coronavirus. But sustaining and growing your print business is possible with strategic planning and strong digital presence! So, while the world adjusts with the new normal, try to adapt these solutions and avert the challenges that are posed by COVID-19.

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