Home Selling Checklist: Sell Your Home Faster Than Ever

Home Selling Checklist: Sell Your Home Faster Than Ever


Before putting homes on the market, take some time to make them stand out among buyers in the competitive real estate industry. With a few quick and efficient tips for selling a home, you can set yourself up for success.

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You can’t expect to list a home and sell it quickly without any roadblocks, especially if you’re aiming for the most bucks. Selling a home requires everything from making it look presentable to photographing it. Instead of marketing a property, you should be able to market the experience so that buyers can view the potential and beauty in your listings.

So, before putting homes on the market, take some time to make them stand out among buyers in the competitive real estate industry. With a few quick and efficient tips for selling a home, you can set yourself up for success.

We have created a home-selling checklist with the six most effective things you can do to make your listings more attractive and potentially be able to sell them quickly at the best possible rates.

Stage Homes

Empty homes make it difficult for buyers to imagine themselves living in them and build a connection. So, to make a property look like a home and capture buyers’ attention, invest in real estate furniture staging. You can rent furniture and stage homes before photographing them and putting them on the market. This will certainly give you an advantage.

And if you do not prefer investing money and effort on home staging, you can go for virtual staging that offers the same benefits as physical staging. You can hire a professional to virtually stage a home and make it look attractive without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on furniture. In fact, virtual staging is more beneficial if you’re looking to sell an old home since it allows virtually revamping the space so that people can see the real potential your listings hold.

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Clear The Clutter

Clutter, a lot of furniture, and too much décor make the space look smaller, chaotic, and messy. Moreover, it may completely take attention away from the attractive features of your listings. And this cannot only lead to it staying on the market for a longer time but can also negatively affect the offers, and hence your profit.

So, a super important task in the checklist for selling homes is getting rid of unwanted things to free up space and make the listing look more appealing. If there’s stuff that cannot be discarded, use storage boxes or organizers to prevent a mess. In any case, make sure your real estate listing photos do not look cluttered.

Depersonalize The Space

Potential buyers find it difficult to imagine themselves living in a home when someone is already living in it. So, if you are listing occupied homes, make sure to remove photographs, personal use items, or even décor if it’s too distinct and personalized. This is because a personalized space would prevent the buyer from looking past its temporary elements and realizing the true potential of the home.

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You might also want to tone down the paint colors if the walls are too bright. Focus on creating a neutral space that can appeal to a wider audience.

Take Care Of Minor Repairs

Renovating a space means the buyers wouldn’t have to invest too much in a home to make it ready to move in. And this can get you highly profitable offers. But if you do not have time for major renovations, consider making small fixes when you’re preparing a house to sell. For example, you can fix leaky faucets, broken doorknobs, broken window glass, etc. This way, these will not be the first things your potential buyers notice. Instead, they would be able to focus on what you have to offer.

Ensure Good Photography

Real-estate photographs can make or break your selling strategy. A dark photograph captured from unflattering angles can make a home look dull and cramped, whereas a bright photo clicked from the perfect angles can make it look spacious and new. Similarly, drone photography can capture the aerial shots of the exterior if you want to showcase listing features that may be difficult to capture from the ground level.

So, you can either checkout a few architectural photography tutorials online or hire a professional photographer who can do the job quickly and more efficiently. Also, make sure to add enough photographs to your listings for potential buyers to get an idea of the entire space.

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Price Homes To Sell

The final item of the home-selling checklist is pricing homes right. If you’re looking to sell homes quickly, choose a price that encourages people to send in offers. Overpricing your listings may cause interested people to think that the home is out of their budget; they may not even consider negotiating after looking at an overpriced property. Moreover, people usually use price filters on listing platforms according to their budget. This means that if you have priced a house at $315,000, someone who might have searched for homes under $300,000 would not even come across your listing.

So, find a lower limit that you can negotiate upto and price your listings according to the pre-defined ranges so that more and more people can view your listings.

These tips for selling homes would require you to invest some time, but if you do it right, it would be completely worth it. Putting an effort in homes before listing would not only help you market them right but would also increase your chances of getting the most profit on sales.

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Rahul Agarwal is the Co-founder & Chief Business Officer at Styldod, where he has taught a computer to do interior design! Styldod provides the most hassle-free & inexpensive virtual staging solutions for real estate agents so they can sell their listings faster, and for higher prices. Rahul was also a co-founder of Mebelkart. He pushes the boundaries with his innovative entrepreneurial stints and is also a sound startup investor & advisor.
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