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5 Ways To Stop Being Last Minute With Your Time Management

5 Ways to Stop Being Last Minute with Your Time Management

5 Ways To Stop Being Last Minute With Your Time Management

No matter what profession you’re in, what career you’re following or what workload you’ve got to complete, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be familiar with the mental thought of ‘Oh, I’ll do that later’. As a writer, not only does this mean that I’m completing tasks literally minutes before their deadlines but I’m experiencing signs of stress, anxiousness and lack of sleep.This is not a healthy way to move forward through life so to get you back on the right track, here’s a heads up on some things you can do to manage your time efficiently. 

Create a Time Log

There’s no better way to find out how much time you’re actually spending completing tasks than creating a time log. By drawing up a simple graph or table with the hours in the day you work and activities you complete throughout your day, you’ll quickly see that you can visualize how you spend your day. This graphical representation will allow you to instantly see what you’re spending your time on and where you can cut back or gain hours!

Cut the Waste

If you’re an extremely busy person but love to procrastinate, referring to your time log is a great way to see where you have wasted time and where you could of, or should of, achieved more work. But allowing yourself set working patterns, you can be safe that knowing your free time is actually your free time and any work you did have would have been completed way before it needed to be done!

Monitor Your Productivity

Writing, especially freelance writers, are probably some of the guiltiest people for handing in or completing work at the deadline, rather than before it. A great way for these people, or any kind of businesses where you write, is to use the online tool Easy Word Count that allows you to easily monitor how many words you are writing per day.

Setting yourself a target or a goal each day is a great way to monitor your daily activity to ensure you are performing to the best of your abilities and completing that word target that will help motivate and drive your forward.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

It’s easy to take on loads and loads of work and think you can handle it. It’s always a shock when you find yourself sitting down, unsure of where to begin with just a huge pile of uncompleted tasks in front of you. Learn to manage your time well. This tip goes hand in hand with the one above. If you can write 10,000 words a day, then only take on 10,000 words worth of work to complete every single day.

For the times where you do get slightly overwhelming or take on too much work, there are a number of writing solution services such as Upwork and Assignment Help that can complete your pending assignments for a small fee.

Do You Plan To Be On Time?

In conclusion, there’s one simple way to always ensure that you’re on time. When travelling to work, many people may start at say 8 am. If it takes you 20 minutes to get to your building, you may leave your house at 7:40 am. This is great but if you hit any traffic, obstacles or can’t find your keys, you’re already going to be late.

Ruby Townsend, an editor and proofreader for Academized exclaimed, “In my line of work, I receive high volumes of work constantly throughout my day. Each document will have a different deadline, a different priority and various other time-related factors. The biggest bit of advice I can give to people is to take a breather at the start of every day and get organised. Aim to finish your work before it’s due and think to yourself, okay, today I’m going to get A, B and C done. If you manage to get D done as well, you’re on to a winner!”

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