5 Home Maintenance Jobs You Don’t Need a Professional For


If you have some odd jobs that need doing around the house, it may be tempting to get someone in to do them. While this frees you from the tasks, you’ll have to spend time finding contractors, waiting for them to show up and spend money so how about trying some of the smaller jobs yourself? In this article we look at 5 things you can do yourself around the house.

5 Home Maintenance Jobs You Don't Need A Professional For
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Once upon a time, whenever something went amiss around the house, the first thing you would do is call a professional. In today’s age of computer networking, the Internet is a vast treasure of DIY information that can help you acquire not only the necessary knowledge but also the required tools for all kinds of odd jobs. Here are 5 things you can do around the house that do not necessitate the presence of a professional.

1. Painting Fences and Walls

Painting is a common and difficult odd job. However, if you wish to paint the fence or walls of your home then you can make your task several degrees easier by using a paint sprayer. There are a variety of paint sprayers available out there. Just follow the instructions in the manual and your paint sprayer will work just fine.
Painting with a brush will consume a lot more of your time than a paint sprayer. Paint sprayers will create an even coat and help cover the tight spots that can’t be easily reached with a brush. You can learn more about them here on paintsprayers.reviews.

2. Changing the Furnace Filter

Furnace filters need to be changed at least four times annually. Calling the professional every time will be a hassle. So, all you need to do is take out the furnace filter, take it to the hardware store and buy a new one of the same type. Go home and replace the new furnace filter. Changing the furnace filter yourself will save you a lot of time and money.

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3. Fixing Leaking Taps

Taps leak when their rubber washers become old and need replacement. While you call and await the plumber, there is nothing you can do except put up with the leak or turn off the top cock to stop the water flowing into the tap. Things will get done quicker if you just go to the store to buy a rubber washer and use your spanner and screwdriver to open the tap and replace the washer. It’s really as easy as that! And you also saved the plumber’s fee!

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4. Cleaning Area Rugs

As beautiful as area rugs look in a room, they are equally dirty as well. They absorb everything like a sponge so you need to clean out your rugs regularly. Professional cleaning of rugs will cost you a fortune depending on the number and sizes of rugs you have. So, you can clean your rugs yourself. Take your rug outside and shake and flap it to remove excess dirt.
Use a stick or a broom to beat it to get rid of all kinds of debris. An alternative is to use a vacuum cleaner. Buy a rug-cleaning shampoo from the store and carefully follow the instructions on the container. In general, use a soft-bristled brush with the shampoo to clean your rug. Then, hose it down and let the rug dry in the sun outside.

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5. Resealing the Bath

The seal around a bath protects against harmful leaks. However, over time, this seal can become damaged and moldy, thereby necessitating replacement. It may seem difficult to do but it isn’t really. Bathroom sealants are readily available and cheap. Use a knife to scrape off the old seal in the bathroom. Use a cartridge gun to put the new seal in place. Your bath not only looks cleaner this way but also remains protected against leakages.

Wrapping Up

These simple tips won’t take you long to do but can really make a difference to your home – and if you feel happy in your surroundings you’ll be less stressed and more productive.

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