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Keep Your Cluttered House Organized With These Tips

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Keep Your Cluttered House Organized With These Tips Staff
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Keeping your house organized can seem like a monumental task. Between work, school, errands, and friends, it’s easy to fall behind on cleaning and maintenance. Maintaining the tidiness of your house can be even more challenging if you live in a small space or have limited storage options.

First, scope your home and identify the areas that need attention. Next, consider how much storage space you have available. Is there enough room for all of your things? Do you have cabinets, hooks, or other storage solutions available? Once you figure that out, you’ll know where to start when keeping your house organized.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Use Bins, Baskets, And Shelves As Needed

Baskets, bins, and shelves can also be helpful when decluttering. You can use them in all rooms of the house. They’re also great for storing things that don’t fit neatly in drawers.

Part of decluttering is throwing out items you don’t need or use. Baskets and shelves are great places to store those items, so they don’t clutter your living space. Consider a warehouse racking system to hold as much as possible in as little space as possible. Stacking and shelving are the best ways to take all the clutter on the floors and bunch it into one place that looks stylish.

Create A Cleaning Schedule And Stick To It

Many wait for a mess to become overwhelming and unmanageable before addressing it. Don’t do that! Instead, create a schedule that works with your daily routine. For example, set aside one day a week, or every other week, to do heavy cleaning.

Choose other days to do maintenance tasks. Ensure your schedule is doable—you don’t have to do it weekly. But whatever you decide to do, you have to stick to it.

Daily Schedule Printable for Happy Planner and A5 Planner

Daily Schedule – A5 & Happy Planner Compatible

Do you struggle to fit everything into one day? Me too! There are ways that you can start to manage your time in order to get all your important tasks done and still find time for some well earned "me time" too.

Label Your Storage Options

If you have many storage options, consider labeling them to keep them organized. A few pieces of clear, self-adhesive labels can make all the difference: label shelves, drawers, and bins with the items they contain.

Doing so makes it easier to put things away and find what you’re looking for when you need it. A sound storage system will make it quicker to clean.

Organize The Things You Use Most Often

If you have a lot of stuff, you may want to start with the things you use most often. Consider which items you need most often. Do you often use an iron? Do you need a specific tool? You can create specialized storage options for your frequently used items.

Consider making a small area on a bookshelf or cabinet for frequently used items. Think about ways you could incorporate items you often use into existing storage solutions. Efficiency is key.

Add Decor And Color To Help Keep Your House Organized

You can use colors to help create visual order in your home. For example, you may want to use blue and yellow in your kitchen. These colors can help you keep your kitchen organized. You can do the same thing with posters and accessories. Choose decorative items that reflect your personality and taste.

Paint swatch cards, a can of paint, some rollers and a brush

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Avoid items that are cluttered or unnecessary. You’ll have a more organized home if you avoid over-accessorizing. If your house at its cleanest looks nice, you’ll notice it more when it’s cluttered.

Commit To Small Changes Over Time

Keeping your house organized can seem daunting. But with a little effort, you can make significant changes.

Start small and commit to improving your cleaning and maintenance routines over time.

While having scheduled cleaning hours is helpful, maintaining a lifestyle that ends with less clutter in the first place will make everything easier. Prevention is better than a cure.

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