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3 Ways To Check The Quality Of An Apprenticeship

3 Ways To Check The Quality Of An Apprenticeship

3 Ways To Check The Quality Of An Apprenticeship Staff
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It can be hard working out what to do when you are just beginning your future as a young adult. Compulsory education finishes at the age of 18, after which teenagers find themselves having to make important decisions about their long-term futures. There are a number of possible paths that open up at this point. Some students will go on to university and continue to study academically. Others, however, would rather get out into the world and begin working and gaining their independence.

An apprenticeship is the perfect middle ground between these two goals. Apprentices will learn new skills while also working and earning money under the tutelage of an experienced professional. Unfortunately, apprenticeships don’t usually pay as well as actual employment and they are not subject to the same minimum wage as regular employment.

Therefore, while apprenticeships are a great option for teenagers and young adults looking to give themselves the best possible start in their professional careers, they can vary greatly in terms of the value the opportunity offers. With so many apprenticeships to choose from, finding the one that suits you can be a challenge. It will help you a great deal in your search if you enter into it with some idea of how you can best assess the quality of any apprenticeships that you consider.

Check The Pay

This is one of the key considerations when choosing an apprenticeship. All apprenticeships are required to meet a national minimum standard, but the quality can vary between apprenticeships. You should be wary of apprenticeships which offer significantly less pay than others. There is a great deal of value in completing an apprenticeship, but as an apprentice, you will also be assisting whoever takes you on with their work and so, as you are also bringing value to the table, you deserve to be compensated.

With that said, do not base your decision entirely on the salary offered. It is also important that you have a genuine interest and passion for the subject that you will be apprenticing in, and that you get on well with the person or people who you will be working with.

Search Online

The internet is incredibly useful for its ability to provide you with reviews and first-hand experiences other people have had when using a particular service. This is just as easy for apprenticeships as it is for finding reviews of electronics and other products. There are several websites out there which are dedicated to sharing user’s experiences with various apprenticeship programs.

In addition to these reviews, you will also be able to find more detailed write-ups of people’s experiences working as apprentices. There are a lot of extra details online, for example, you can find more information on apprenticeship standards from, which includes a detailed list of apprenticeships in alphabetical order, with each of the standards enclosed underneath. With all of this information combined, it will be much easier for you to decide on which apprenticeship is right for you.

Attend an Interview

It is a good idea to apply for multiple apprenticeship positions and then to attend interviews with any that accept you. No amount of careful research beforehand can replicate actually meeting with the people involved and getting a first-hand look at how it will all work. Most apprentice providers will want to interview you anyway, but if they don’t request an interview, then you should consider scheduling one on your own initiative.

Apprenticeships are a great option for teenagers and young adults who want to give themselves the best possible start in their professional lives. An apprenticeship will teach valuable skills in a specialist area, while also encouraging apprentices to learn other useful skills, such as effective time management. Once you find an apprenticeship suitable for your needs, be sure to scope it out before you commit to anything, as choosing the right apprenticeship is an important decision.

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