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3 Simple Ways To Create Videos That Engage More Viewers

3 Simple Ways To Create Videos That Engage More Viewers

3 Simple Ways To Create Videos That Engage More Viewers Staff
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Some videos are able to attract lots of viewers, but most of them don’t make it past the first few seconds. That is why it is important to create videos that actually engage viewers, and keep them glued to their seats and make them want to react to the video.

Overall engaging videos not only have a higher completion rate, but they are shared and commented on more frequently – and get loads of other reactions. While creating videos that can do all that may seem difficult at first, there are actually a few simple ways to go about it:

Show, not tell

No other type of medium can deliver information visually in the same way that videos can – and you should take advantage of that fact. By always looking for ways that you can ‘show’ your message and the information it contains, your videos will be a lot more engaging to viewers.

At times you may want to create different types of videos so that you can visually deliver information more effectively. For example for videos involving digital products you could capture video using screen recording software, such as Movavi Screen Capture Studio for example.

Trigger an emotional reaction

Have you noticed that funny, inspiring, or even surprising videos tend to get lots of comments, shares, and other reactions? Be sure to draw on that when you’re creating videos, and try to structure them so that they can trigger an emotional reaction as well.

Make no mistake there are lots of ways to trigger an emotional reaction, and it will largely depend on the type of video you’re creating as well as the emotion you want to trigger. That being said structuring your video as a story is a good place to start, as it will make viewers feel more emotionally-invested in its outcome – provided it is interesting enough.

Keep it short and concise

While there are lots of reasons why viewers may not make it to the end of some videos – the duration has a big part to play. Shorter videos generally are able to retain more viewers, but it is more important to be concise.

To create engaging videos, your focus should be on trying to create a video that is as short as possible while still delivering its message effectively. The optimal duration for such videos can vary a bit, but so long as it is concise and direct you should be off to a good start.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind that there are other factors that will affect video engagement. In fact different demographics can have very different responses to certain videos – which is why it is important to learn more about your target market.

To do that you should start to track the performance of your videos, and experiment with different approaches. Using the methods listed above should give you a good foundation, and you can gradually build on it as you learn more and more about your viewers and the type of videos they prefer.

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