10 Practical Uses For Psychology

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10 Practical Uses For Psychology

I’ve written before about Psychology and its various uses such as how to spot a liar but the Psyblog takes it a step further and looks at “10 practical uses for pychological research in everyday life“.

The article looks at 10 “common” uses for psychology including:

  • How to spot lies
  • How to make your smile appear trustworthy and attractive
  • Make your opinion the group’s opinion
  • How to be satisfied in a relationship
  • Making friends

My favourtite little snippet is:

How to make your smile more attractive, more trustworthy and less dominant

This psychology study
found that a long-onset smile (0.5s onset) is seen as more authentic
and flirtatious than a short-onset smile (0.1s). On top of this, the
researchers found long-onset smiles were perceived as more attractive,
more trustworthy and less dominant. Head tilting also increased
attractiveness and trustworthiness but only if the head was tilted in
the right direction.

So, I shall be “slow smiling” from now on, all I need to do is figure out which way to tilt my head!

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